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A vimgolf client written in Python

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This project contains a vimgolf client written in Python.

The user interface is similar to the official vimgolf client, with a few additions inspired by vimgolf-finder, and an optional way to specify keys to type when launching a challenge.



  • Python 3.5 or greater


$ pip3 install vimgolf


$ pip3 install --upgrade vimgolf



If the launcher script was installed within a directory on your PATH, vimgolf can be launched directly.

$ vimgolf

Otherwise, vimgolf can be launched by passing its module name to Python.

$ python3 -m vimgolf


  vimgolf [help]                # display this help and exit
  vimgolf config [API_KEY]      # configure your VimGolf credentials
  vimgolf local IN OUT [KEYS]   # launch local challenge
  vimgolf put CHALLENGE [KEYS]  # launch challenge
  vimgolf list [PAGE][:LIMIT]   # list challenges
  vimgolf show CHALLENGE        # show challenge
  vimgolf diff CHALLENGE        # show diff for challenge
  vimgolf version               # display the version number

CHALLENGE can be a 24-character ID from, or a plus-prefixed ID corresponding to the last invocation of vimgolf list. For example, a CHALLENGE of +6 would correspond to the sixth challenge presented in the most recent call to vimgolf list.

For the local command, IN and OUT are paths to files.

For the local and put commands, the optional KEYS specifies a set of keys to enter when launching the challenge. For example, ihello world<esc> would enter insert mode, type "hello world", and then switch back to normal mode. The character < is assumed to start a special sequence (e.g., <esc>) if that would be possible given the characters that follow. The input string should use <lt> to disambiguate.



The source code has an MIT License.


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