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Vinnie the Versioner


vinnie is a small utility to handle semantic versioning using only git tags. This can be done either manually or as part of CI.


The motivation for building Vinnie is somewhat small and trivial. Many existing tools force you to keep the current version in a file in your git repository which often means that during a CI build process you generate a commit that is simply incrementing the version number. By no means is this the end of the world, but we realized we could fairly safely just use git tags as the storage mechanism for the current version.


Calling vinnie on its own prints the help.

vinnie version prints the current version to stdout.

vinnie (patch|minor|major) increments the version number of the given level, creates the tag, and pushes it. You can skip pushing by using vinnie --no-push

vinnie next (patch|minor|major) determines the next version number of the given level and prints it to stdout.

vinnie replace /path/to/file will replace the marker (default of __VINNIE_VERSION__) in this file with the current version.

vinnie show-config dumps the current configuration Vinnie is operating with, mostly for debugging.

Nonsemantic versioning

Vinnie also supports not using semver by just using an incrementing integer (v1, v2, ... v47) if you wish. To do that you need to always pass in the option --semver=False and then the only incrementing command to use is bump.

$ vinnie --semver=False bump


--repo set the filesystem path to the root of the git checkout

--repo-url set the URL on a supported provider for the repository

--ssh-key path to the ssh key to use on disk

--github-token GitHub API token

--gitlab-token GitLab API token

--push/--no-push push or don't push to the repo. The default is to push.

--prefix allows you to set an optional text prefix to all version numbers, for example, vinnie --prefix=v would create version numbers such as v0.0.1.

--omit-prefix suppresses the prefix from output. The tag will be processed using the prefix, but the output will just contain the version numbers such as 0.0.1.

--semver/--no-semver sets whether or not you want to use semantic versioning or just an incrementing integer. The default is to use semver.

--current-version in some situations it's nice to be able to just tell Vinnie what the current version is, this option allows you to do that. In this case, Vinnie ignores whatever versions actually exist as tags on the repository.

Environment Variables

Vinnie also listens for environment variables if you would prefer to use those the following map to the given option

  • VINNIE_REPO_PATH sets --repo
  • VINNIE_REPO_URL sets --repo-url
  • VINNIE_SSH_KEY sets --ssh-key
  • VINNIE_GITHUB_TOKEN sets --github-token
  • VINNIE_GITLAB_TOKEN sets --gitlab-token
  • VINNIE_REPO_PUSH sets --push
  • VINNIE_PREFIX sets --prefix
  • VINNIE_OMIT_PREFIX sets --omit-prefix
  • VINNIE_CURRENT_VERSION sets --current-version
  • VINNIE_GIT_REMOTE sets --remote
  • VINNIE_VERSION_MARKER sets --marker
  • VINNIE_SEMVER=False sets --no-semver
  • VINNIE_SEMVER=True sets --semver which is the default


Let's start with a simple example:

$ cd my-git-repo
$ vinnie version
$ vinnie patch

Or maybe you want to use a prefix on with a project that already has been using semver in a pattern of vX.Y.Z in tags, you would then just need to do:

$ cd my-git-repo
$ vinnie --prefix=v version
$ vinnie --prefix=v minor

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Roadmap / TODO

  • Support versioning without SSH or the repo with GitHub API Token
  • Support versioning without SSH or the repo with GitLab API Token


BSD Licensed


Originally written by Frank Wiles and brought to you by REVSYS.

Keep in touch!

If you have a question about this project, please open a GitHub issue. If you love us and want to keep track of our goings-on, here's where you can find us online:

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