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Strong domain-specific passwords generator

Project description


Olivier Grisel <>


Generate rebuildable strong passwords

Oneliner overview:

domain_password == base62(sha1(master_password + domain_key))[:8]


This utility script helps generate a set of rebuildable domain-specific strong passwords out of a single easy to remember master password and domain specific keys such as “login@host”.

The generated passwords are strong since they use 8 characters out of a 62 characters long alphabet (lowercase and uppercase letters + digits) that are not to be found in any dictionary.

You can always re-generate your passwords by taking the base 62 encoding of the sha1 hash of the concatenation of your master password and domain key.


With pip:

$ pip install -U virtualkeyring


Use the interactive command-line tool vkr that should now be in your PATH, and type in you master password and domain key:

$ vkr
master password: mysecret
domain key [e.g. 'login@host']:
Your password is available in the clipboard. You have 10s to paste it.

To generate passwords with length larger that 8 chars, for instance for an ssh key passphrase:

$ vkr -l 20

To generate passwords for a specific alphabet:

$ vkr -a 42aAuUTt

Add your ssh key with virtualkeyring

Add a ssh key to your ssh-agent:

$ vkr-key

This will use your hostname as domain key. You can also set your domain key in ~/.virtualkeyring.


  • 1.6 (2013-07-21): use xerox to copy password to clipboard

  • 1.4 (2010-04-01): hashlib support. add vkr-key script

  • 1.3 (2008-06-01): add factorized out password fetching from stdin (thanks to gawel)

  • 1.2 (2008-05-16): add -l and -a parameters

  • 1.1 (2008-02-16) use getpass to read the master password from the keyboard

  • 1.0 (2007-11-10) initial relase

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