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Library of accelerated access to vk API & thematic students search tool

Project description

Disclaimer: the package is in the process of deep recast. Many features are not yet implemented at all. Now the most useful thing in it is a library vkts.vklib with the possibility of accelerated work with vk API and convenient work with social network objects.

vkts — application for thematic students search in social network It contains a library vkts.vklib of accelerated work with vk API. Also, there are several community monitoring features.


$ git clone
$ cd vkts
$ sudo python3 install clean

Alternative way:

$ sudo pip3 install vkts

After installation you can test the application:

$ ./


First of all, you must enter data about at least one vk account. If you do not want to enter a password every vkts session, add a fake account. So password will be stored in your computer. Otherwise, add a private account.

$ mkdir vkts_work_dir
$ cd vkts_work_dir
$ vkts ac_add
What type of account do you want to create?
Input please one letter - [e]mail, [v]
or [t]elegram: v

Input name of new account: vanya

Are your account fake (password will be stored
unencrypted on your computer) or private (you
will be forced to enter the password every run)?
Input please [f]ake or [p]rivate: f

Input email address:        

Input password: gagarin256

Now we can see result:

$ vkts ac_see
    vanya: 	[|gagarin256]    	<- activated

Further customization should be done by commands monitor_add, broadcast_add, un_add (see vkts --help). But functionality associated with this data is currently unstable.

Use as application

Realisation of many commands is now in unstable state. But there is something useful.

$ vkts method database.getCountries code=GA
{'response': {'count': 1, 'items': [{'id': 56, 'title': 'Габон'}]}}
$ vkts method database.getCities country_id=56
{'response': {'count': 3, 'items': [{'id': 4134854, 'title': 'Franceville'}, {'id': 2722567, 'title': 'Libreville'}, {'id': 4132567, 'title': 'Port-Gentil'}]}}
$ vkts method groups.getMembers group_id=phys_kek count=5
{'response': {'count': 19373, 'items': [510, 3016, 6477, 9190, 12632]}}

Name resolution is more simple to use (it's useful with active manual work with pages).

$ vkts resolve_group_ids 3113588
(3113588, 'oxxxymiron')
$ vkts resolve_user_ids 1
(1, 'durov')
$ vkts resolve_user_ids durov
(1, 'durov')

Use as a library

So you can import vkts and it's submodules:

>>> from vkts.vklib import apply_vk_method, Executor, Group
>>> g_frtk = Group(17708)
>>> g_frtk.load(extra_getById=('links',))
>>> print(g_frtk)
count:            2756
cumul_members:    [34603008, 7036929, 14  ....  1, 104300542] len 2756
description:      Неофициальная группа Ф  ....
group_id:         17708
links:            [dict] len 12
members:          [5489, 5518, 5531, 559  ....  3, 540738585] len 2756
name:             ФРТК МФТИ
photo_200:        https://sun1-22.userap  ....  /zG4LuCbiUlE.jpg?ava=1
screen_name:      drec_mipt

>>> print(g_frtk.description)
Неофициальная группа ФРТК.

Факультет радиотехники и кибернетики. Всегда первый.

Группа поддерживается Советом студентов ФРТК.

Сайт студсовета:

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