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VMWare VCenter Exporter for Prometheus

Project description

# vmware_exporter
VMWare VCenter Exporter for Prometheus.

Get VMWare VCenter information:
- Current number of active snapshots
- Snapshot Unix timestamp creation date
- Datastore size and other stuff
- Basic VM and Host metrics

## Usage

- install with `$ python install` or `$ pip install vmware_exporter`
- Create a `config.yml` file based on the `config.yml.sample` with at least a `default` section.
- Run `$ vmware_exporter -c /path/to/your/config`
- Go to http://localhost:9272/metrics? to see metrics

Alternatively, if you don't wish to install the package, run using `$ vmware_exporter/`

### Prometheus configuration

You can use the following parameters in prometheus configuration file. The `params` section is used to manage multiple login/passwords.

- job_name: 'vmware_vcenter'
metrics_path: '/metrics'
- targets:
- '
- source_labels: [__address__]
target_label: __param_target
- source_labels: [__param_target]
target_label: instance
- target_label: __address__
replacement: localhost:9272

- job_name: 'vmware_esx'
metrics_path: '/metrics'
- files:
- /etc/prometheus/esx.yml
section: [esx]
- source_labels: [__address__]
target_label: __param_target
- source_labels: [__param_target]
target_label: instance
- target_label: __address__
replacement: localhost:9272

## Current Status

- VCenter and ESXi 6 and 6.5 have been tested.
- VM information, Snapshot, Host and Datastore basic information is exported, i.e:
# HELP vmware_snapshots VMWare current number of existing snapshots
# TYPE vmware_snapshot_count gauge
vmware_snapshot_timestamp_seconds{vm_name="My Super Virtual Machine"} 2.0
# HELP vmware_snapshot_timestamp_seconds VMWare Snapshot creation time in seconds
# TYPE vmware_snapshot_timestamp_seconds gauge
vmware_snapshot_age{vm_name="My Super Virtual Machine",vm_snapshot_name="Very old snaphot"} 1478146956.96092
vmware_snapshot_age{vm_name="My Super Virtual Machine",vm_snapshot_name="Old snapshot"} 1478470046.975632

# HELP vmware_datastore_capacity_size VMWare Datasore capacity in bytes
# TYPE vmware_datastore_capacity_size gauge
vmware_datastore_capacity_size{ds_name="ESX1-LOCAL"} 67377299456.0
# HELP vmware_datastore_freespace_size VMWare Datastore freespace in bytes
# TYPE vmware_datastore_freespace_size gauge
vmware_datastore_freespace_size{ds_name="ESX1-LOCAL"} 66349694976.0
# HELP vmware_datastore_uncommited_size VMWare Datastore uncommitted in bytes
# TYPE vmware_datastore_uncommited_size gauge
vmware_datastore_uncommited_size{ds_name="ESX1-LOCAL"} 0.0
# HELP vmware_datastore_provisoned_size VMWare Datastore provisoned in bytes
# TYPE vmware_datastore_provisoned_size gauge
vmware_datastore_provisoned_size{ds_name="ESX1-LOCAL"} 1027604480.0
# HELP vmware_datastore_hosts VMWare Hosts number using this datastore
# TYPE vmware_datastore_hosts gauge
vmware_datastore_hosts{ds_name="ESX1-LOCAL"} 1.0
# HELP vmware_datastore_vms VMWare Virtual Machines number using this datastore
# TYPE vmware_datastore_vms gauge
vmware_datastore_vms{ds_name="ESX1-LOCAL"} 0.0

# HELP vmware_host_power_state VMWare Host Power state (On / Off)
# TYPE vmware_host_power_state gauge
vmware_host_power_state{host_name=""} 1.0
# HELP vmware_host_cpu_usage VMWare Host CPU usage in Mhz
# TYPE vmware_host_cpu_usage gauge
vmware_host_cpu_usage{host_name=""} 2959.0
# HELP vmware_host_cpu_max VMWare Host CPU max availability in Mhz
# TYPE vmware_host_cpu_max gauge
vmware_host_cpu_max{host_name=""} 28728.0
# HELP vmware_host_memory_usage VMWare Host Memory usage in Mbytes
# TYPE vmware_host_memory_usage gauge
vmware_host_memory_usage{host_name=""} 107164.0
# HELP vmware_host_memory_max VMWare Host Memory Max availability in Mbytes
# TYPE vmware_host_memory_max gauge
vmware_host_memory_max{host_name=""} 131059.01953125

## References

The VMWare exporter uses theses libraries:
- [pyVmomi]( for VMWare connection
- Prometheus [client_python]( for Prometheus supervision
- [Twisted]( for http server

The initial code is mainly inspired from:

## License

See LICENSE file

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