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Turkish NLP Tools developed by VNGRS.

Project description

VNLP: Turkish NLP Tools

State-of-the-art, lightweight NLP tools for Turkish language.

Developed by VNGRS.

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  • Sentence Splitter
  • Normalizer
    • Spelling/Typo correction
    • Convert numbers to word form
    • Deasciification
  • Stopword Remover:
    • Static
    • Dynamic
  • Stemmer: Morphological Analyzer & Disambiguator
  • Named Entity Recognizer (NER)
  • Dependency Parser
  • Part of Speech (PoS) Tagger
  • Sentiment Analyzer
  • Turkish Word Embeddings
    • FastText
    • Word2Vec
    • SentencePiece Unigram Tokenizer
  • Text Summarization: In development progress...



pip install vngrs-nlp


  • See the Documentation for the details about usage, classes, functions, datasets and evaluation metrics.


Usage Example:

Dependency Parser

from vnlp import DependencyParser
dep_parser = DependencyParser()

dep_parser.predict("Oğuz'un kırmızı bir Astra'sı vardı.")
[("Oğuz'un", 'PROPN'),
 ('kırmızı', 'ADJ'),
 ('bir', 'DET'),
 ("Astra'sı", 'PROPN'),
 ('vardı', 'VERB'),
 ('.', 'PUNCT')]

# Spacy's submodule Displacy can be used to visualize DependencyParser result.
import spacy
from vnlp import DependencyParser
dependency_parser = DependencyParser()
result = dependency_parser.predict("Oğuz'un kırmızı bir Astra'sı vardı.", displacy_format = True)
spacy.displacy.render(result, style="dep", manual = True)

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