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API Wrapper for VVS (Verkehrsverbund Stuttgart)

Project description

VVS API Wrapper

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Fully object-oriented library to integrate the VVS API into your project.


Python 3.6 or higher required

pip install vvspy


  • Detect delay in upcoming departures:
from vvspy import get_departures

deps = get_departures("5006115", limit=3)  # Stuttgart main station
for dep in deps:
    if dep.delay > 0:
        print("Alarm! Delay detected.")
        print(dep)  # [Delayed] [11:47] [RB17]: Stuttgart Hauptbahnhof (oben) - Pforzheim Hauptbahnhof

        print("Train on time")
        print(dep)  # [11:47] [RB17]: Stuttgart Hauptbahnhof (oben) - Pforzheim Hauptbahnhof
  • Get complete trip info between two stations (including interchanges):
from vvspy import get_trip  # also usable: get_trips

trip = get_trip("5000355", "5005600")  # Stuttgart main station

print(f"Duration: {trip.duration / 60} minutes")
for connection in trip.connections:
    print(f"From: {} - To: {}")
# Output:
Duration: 58 minutes
From: Wallgraben - To: Hauptbf (A.-Klett-Pl.)
From: Hauptbf (Arnulf-Klett-Platz) - To: Stuttgart Hauptbahnhof (tief)
From: Stuttgart Hauptbahnhof (tief) - To: Marbach (N)
From: Marbach (N) Bf - To: Murr Hardtlinde
  • Filter for specific lines:
from vvspy import get_departures

deps = get_departures("5006118")  # Stuttgart main station (lower)
for dep in deps:
    if dep.serving_line.symbol == "S4":
        print(f"Departure of S4 at {dep.real_datetime}")

Get your station id



  • full customizable requests and parameters

  • parsing all available info into result obj

  • Well tested and maintained

  • Departures, Arrivals, Trips, Station info, Upcoming events, Maintenance work

  • See issues/projects on GitHub for upcoming features


Projects using vvspy


This project is licensed under MIT.

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