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Wafer extensions used by DebConf

Project description

Wafer apps for DebConf

This package contains several Django apps used by the DebConf conference.

badges - Name tag generation

bursary - Bursary requests and review

debconf - Random bits and pieces

exports - CSV data exports for organisers

front_desk - Check-In

invoices - Paid Attendee Invoicing

register - Attendee Registration

volunteers - On-site volunteer wrangling


Uses the following Django settings:


  • DEBCONF_INVOICE_ADDRESS: String. Postal address to issue invoices from.
  • DEBCONF_BILLING_CURRENCY_SYMBOL: String. The billing currency symbol. (e.g. $)
  • DEBCONF_BILLING_CURRENCY: String. The billing currency code. (e.g. USD)
  • DEBCONF_BURSARY_CURRENCY_SYMBOL: String. The bursary currency symbol. (e.g. $)
  • DEBCONF_BURSARY_CURRENCY: String. The bursary currency code (e.g. USD)
  • DEBCONF_LOCAL_CURRENCY_RATE: Decimal. The exchange rate. What does 1 DEBCONF_BILLING_CURRENCY buy in local currency.
  • DEBCONF_LOCAL_CURRENCY_SYMBOL: String. The local currency symbol.
  • DEBCONF_LOCAL_CURRENCY: String. The local currency code.
  • INVOICE_PREFIX: String. Prefix to invoice IDs.
  • PRICES: Dict of Dicts, with purchasable items and prices.
    • fee: Dict of conferences fees, each having a name and price.
    • meal: Dict of Dicts, (breakfast, lunch, dinner, conference_dinner):
      • Each having a price and optional name.
    • accomm: Dict of Dicts, (description (String), price (Decimal/int) per night, bursary (bool), paid_separately (bool), included_meals (set of strs)) for each accommodation option. If an option has a price, it's for sale. If bursary, it'll be available for free for bursaried attendants.
  • STRIPE_PUBLISHABLE_KEY: String. Stripe API Publishable Key.
  • STRIPE_SECRET_KEY: String. Stripe API Secret Key.
  • STRIPE_ENDPOINT_SECRET: String. Stripe Webhook endpoint secret.


  • DEBCONF_BURSARY_DEADLINE: Date. The date that bursaries need to be submitted by, AoE
  • DEBCONF_BURSARY_ACCEPTANCE_DEADLINE: Date. The date that all bursaries need to be accepted by, or the attendee will be issued an invoice.
  • DEBCONF_CONFERENCE_DINNER_DAY: Date. The day that has the conference dinner.
  • DEBCONF_CONFIRMATION_DEADLINE: Date. The date that attendance needs to be confirmed by, AoE.
  • DEBCONF_DATES: List of (Description, Start Date, End Date) for the parts of the conference.
  • DEBCONF_SKIPPED_MEALS: List of (String: meal name, Date) of meals that will not be provided.
  • VOLUNTEERS_FIRST_DAY: Date. The first day of volunteering.
  • VOLUNTEERS_LAST_DAY: Date. The last day of volunteering.


  • BURSARIES_CLOSED: Boolean. Can bursary requests still be submitted.
  • DEBCONF_BREAKFAST: Boolean. Is DebConf providing breakfast for attendees.
  • DEBCONF_SHOE_SIZES: List of (Key, Description) for Shoe sizes.
  • DEBCONF_T_SHIRT_SIZES: List of (Key, Description) for T-Shirt sizes.
  • RECONFIRMATION: Boolean. Is there a reconfirmation round (set True once it has started).
  • DEBCONF_REVIEW_FREE_ATTENDEES: Boolean. Use the bursary system to review the attendance of free attendees too.
  • DEBCONF_COLLECT_AFFILIATION: Boolean. Ask attendees for their affiliation, for government sponsors.

MiniDebConf registration:

  • MINIDEBCONF_REGISTER_PHONE: for minidebconfs, whether to ask for phone numbers upon registration. Values:
    • None - don't ask (default)
    • False - ask but not require
    • True - ask and require
  • MINIDEBCONF_REGISTER_ARRANGED_ACCOMMODATION: boolean. Determines whether contributors can request to stay at the accomodation arranged by the orga team (default: False).
  • MINIDEBCONF_REGISTER_ARRANGED_FOOD: boolean. Determines whether attendees can request to eat the meals arranged by the orga team (default: False).
  • MINIDEBCONF_REGISTER_TRAVEL_REIMBURSEMENT: whether contributores can request travel bursaries to the MiniDebConf (default: False).
  • MINIDEBCONF_REGISTER_DEFAULT_COUNTRY: string. Which country should be selected by default in MiniDebConf registration form (default: None)
  • MINIDEBCONF_REGISTER_BURSARY_INFO_PAGE: string. URL to a page with bursary information. If informed, will be linked from the MiniDebConf registration form (default: None)
  • MINIDEBCONF_REGISTER_SHIRT_INFO_PAGE: string. URL to a page with information about T-shirt sizes. If informed, will be linked from the MiniDebConf registration form (default: None)


  • TRACKS_FILE: String. path to a YAML file with the list of tracks to be loadede into the database
  • TALK_TYPES_FILE: String. path to a YAML file with the list of talk types to be loaded into the database
  • DEBCONF_TALK_PROVISION_URLS: Dictionary of {Key: {pattern: String, private: Boolean}} for online services to generate links for. Format string parameters available: id, slug, secret16).


  • DEBCONF_CITY: String. The name of the city hosting DebConf.
  • DEBCONF_NAME: String. The name of the Debconf (e.g. "DebConf XX").
  • DCSCHEDULE_TOKEN: String. Authentication token for the DCSchedule IRC bot to hit the API.
  • SANDBOX: Boolean. Is this a development instance or production.
  • ISSUE_KSP_ID: Boolean. Is the key-signing sign-up still open?


  • DEBCONF_VENUE_STREAM_HLS_URL: String. URL to the HLS stream. {name}, if present, is replaced with with the venue name in lower case and with all sequences of non-alphanumeric characters replaced with a "-". Examples:
    • Fixed URL: "" (good enough for single-venue conferences.)
    • Per-venue URL: "{name}.m3u8" becomes ""
  • DEBCONF_VENUE_STREAM_RTMP_URL String. URL to the RTMP stream. {name} is substituted as with DEBCONF_VENUE_STREAM_HLS_URL; {quality} is replaced with the quality (src, high, mid, low). Examples:
    • Fixed URL: "rtmp://" (for single-venue conferences)
    • Per-venue URL: "rtmp://{name}_{quality}" becomes "rtmp://" ("high" quality stream for "My Venue")
  • DEBCONF_VENUE_IRC_CHANNELS: List of strings. List of channels to join for each venue; {name} is replaced as above. Examples:
    • Single-channel conference: ["#conference"]
    • Multi-venue conference: ["#thatconf2020-{name}", "#thatconf2020"] becomes ["#thatconf2020-my-venue", "#thatconf2020"]

Stripe Payments

First, configure the STRIPE_PUBLISHABLE_KEY and STRIPE_SECRET_KEY settings, with the API keys from the Stripe dashboard.

To receive payment confirmation from Stripe, we need to receive a webhook from them.

For local development, you can receive this with the stripe CLI:

$ stripe login
$ stripe listen --forward-to
> Ready! Your webhook signing secret is whsec_I_AM_A_SECRET_KEY (^C to quit)

Configure STRIPE_ENDPOINT_SECRET with the secret key provided by stripe-cli listen.

For production use, configure a webhook in the Stripe dashboard. The endpoint should be https://my.debconf/invoices/stripe-webhook/. Listen for charge.dispute.created, charge.refunded, and payment_intent.succeeded. Again, STRIPE_ENDPOINT_SECRET should be configured to the webhook's signing secret.

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