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Add FontAwesome icons to StreamField.

Project description

Add FontAwesome 4.7 icons to your Wagtail project.



pip install wagtailfontawesome

Then add wagtailfontawesome to your installed apps.



Add FontAwesome icons to StreamField the regular way, just set icon=”fa-something”. Reference the full list.

For example, using fa-exclamation-triangle on a block that’s a class:

class NoticeBlock(StructBlock):
    message = RichTextBlock()
    indicator = ChoiceBlock()

    class Meta:
        icon = 'fa-exclamation-triangle'

The same block, but inline:

notice = StructBlock([
  ('message', RichTextBlock()),
  ('indicator', ChoiceBlock())
], icon='fa-exclamation-triangle')

Using IconBlock

Wagtail FontAwesome contains a dropdown chooser you can use to select a block from the available options. For example,

from wagtailfontawesome.blocks import IconBlock

class CardBlock(StructBlock):
    icon = IconBlock()
    title = CharBlock()

You are responsible for including the FontAwesome CSS yourself somewhere on the page. See the section “On the front-end” below for a way to do that with Wagtail FontAwesome.


ModelAdmin is supported if you’re using Wagtail 1.5 or above. Similar to StreamField, just set icon=”fa-something” on your menu item.

Other parts of the admin

You can include icons anywhere in the admin with:

<i class="icon icon-fa-something"></i>

In Wagtail 1.3.x and below you can only use icons on the page editor screen.

On the front-end

You can also include the CSS on the front end, and follow FontAwesome’s documentation.

{% load wagtailfontawesome %}

{% fontawesome_css %}

This will generate equivalent markup to:

<link rel="stylesheet" href="{% static 'wagtailfontawesome/css/fontawesome.css' %}">

Then include icons anywhere on the front-end with:

<i class="fa fa-something"></i>

Using wagtailfontawesome as an optional dependency

If you want to distribute a Wagtail plugin with FontAwesome icons, you can use this package as an optional dependency by checking if it’s installed in Django, and falling back otherwise.

from django.apps import apps
    from wagtail.core.blocks import StructBlock
except ImportError:  # fallback for Wagtail <2.0
    from wagtail.wagtailcore.blocks import StructBlock

class BlockquoteBlock(StructBlock):
    quote = TextBlock()
    author = TextBlock()

    class Meta:
        if apps.is_installed('wagtailfontawesome'):
            icon = 'fa-quote-left'

(in this case, the fallback is to do nothing)

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