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Passbook file generator

Project description

# Wallet-py3k

Python library to read/write [Apple Wallet]( (.pkpass) files

This is a fork of which doesn't support py3k.

## Getting Started

1. Get a Pass Type Id

Visit the iOS Provisioning Portal -> Pass Type IDs -> New Pass Type ID
Select pass type id -> Configure (Follow steps and download generated pass.cer file)
Use Keychain tool to export a Certificates.p12 file (need Apple Root Certificate installed)

2. Generate the necessary certificate and key .pem files

openssl pkcs12 -in "Certificates.p12" -clcerts -nokeys -out certificate.pem
openssl pkcs12 -in "Certificates.p12" -nocerts -out key.pem

## Typical Usage

from wallet.models import Pass, Barcode, StoreCard

cardInfo = StoreCard()
cardInfo.addPrimaryField('name', 'John Doe', 'Name')

organizationName = 'Your organization'
passTypeIdentifier = ''
teamIdentifier = 'AGK5BZEN3E'

passfile = Pass(cardInfo, \
passTypeIdentifier=passTypeIdentifier, \
organizationName=organizationName, \

passfile.serialNumber = '1234567'
passfile.barcode = Barcode(message = 'Barcode message')

# Including the icon and logo is necessary for the passbook to be valid.
passfile.addFile('icon.png', open('images/icon.png', 'rb'))
passfile.addFile('logo.png', open('images/logo.png', 'rb'))
passfile.create('certificate.pem', 'key.pem', 'wwdr.pem', '123456', 'test.pkpass') # Create and output the Passbook file (.pkpass)
## Note: Getting WWDR Certificate

Certificate is available @
It can be exported from KeyChain into a .pem (e.g. wwdr.pem)

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