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A Python script to submit web pages to the Wayback Machine for archiving.

Project description

Wayback Machine Archiver (Archiver for short) is a commandline utility writen in Python to backup Github Pages using the Internet Archive.


The best way to install Archiver is with pip:

pip install wayback-machine-archiver

This will give you access to the script simply by calling:

archiver --help

You can also clone this repository:

git clone
cd wayback-machine-archiver
python ./wayback_machine_archiver/ --help

If you clone the repository, Archiver can be installed as a local application using the script:

git clone
cd wayback-machine-archiver
./ install

Which, like using pip, will give you access to the script by calling archiver.

Archiver requires the ``requests` library <>`__ by Kenneth Reitz. Archiver supports Python 2.7, and Python 3.4+.


The simplest way to schedule a backup is by specifying the URL of a web page, like so:


This will submit the main page of my blog,, to the Wayback Machine for archiving.

You can also archive all the URLs specified in a `sitemap.xml <>`__ as follows:

archiver --sitemaps

This will backup every page listed in the sitemap of my website,

You can also pass a sitemap.xml file (requires the file:// prefix) to the archiver:

archiver --sitemaps file://sitemap.xml

You can backup multiple pages by specifying multiple URLs or sitemaps:

archiver --sitemaps

You can also backup multiple URLs by writing them to a file (for example, urls.txt), one URL per line, and passing that file to archiver:

archiver --file urls.txt

Sitemaps often exclude themselves, so you can request that the sitemap itself be backed up using the flag --archive-sitemap-also:

archiver --sitemaps --archive-sitemap-also


For a full list of commandline flags, Archiver has a built-in help displayed with archiver --help:

usage: archiver [-h] [--version] [--file FILE]
                [--sitemaps SITEMAPS [SITEMAPS ...]]
                [--log {DEBUG,INFO,WARNING,ERROR,CRITICAL}]
                [--log-to-file LOG_FILE] [--archive-sitemap-also]
                [--jobs JOBS] [--rate-limit-wait RATE_LIMIT_IN_SEC]
                [urls [urls ...]]

A script to backup a web pages with Internet Archive

positional arguments:
  urls                  the URLs of the pages to archive

optional arguments:
  -h, --help            show this help message and exit
  --version             show program's version number and exit
  --file FILE           path to a file containing urls to save (one url per
  --sitemaps SITEMAPS [SITEMAPS ...]
                        one or more URIs to sitemaps listing pages to archive;
                        local paths must be prefixed with 'file://'
                        set the logging level, defaults to WARNING
  --log-to-file LOG_FILE
                        redirect logs to a file
                        also submit the URL of the sitemap to be archived
  --jobs JOBS, -j JOBS  run this many concurrent URL submissions, defaults to
  --rate-limit-wait RATE_LIMIT_IN_SEC
                        number of seconds to wait between page requests to
                        avoid flooding the archive site, defaults to 5; also
                        used as the backoff factor for retries

Setting Up a Sitemap.xml for Github Pages

It is easy to automatically generate a sitemap for a Github Pages Jekyll site. Simply use jekyll/jekyll-sitemap.

Setup instructions can be found on the above site; they require changing just a single line of your site’s _config.yml.

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