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Webapps for recording and displaying weather data

Project description

For the moment, only works.
The rest of this README file is not relevant.
Please look into for explanations.
Wait next releases to have full description.

In one word :

Install this software (For fedora)
$ sudo dnf install python3-pip
$ sudo dnf install mariadb-devel
$ sudo dnf install gcc
$ sudo dnf install redhat-rpm-config
$ pip install wdwapp

Download development.ini file from :

Adapt this file for your need.

Create a database (empty) for this app.
In phpMyAdmin for exemple you can do :
CREATE USER ‘wdwapp’@’localhost’ IDENTIFIED BY ‘my secret password’;
GRANT USAGE ON . TO ‘wdwapp’@’localhost’ REQUIRE NONE WITH
PRIVILEGES ON wdwapp.* TO ‘wdwapp’@’localhost’;

Create tables :
$ wdwapp_initialize_db development.ini

Put in a cron job this command :
$ wdwapp_cron /path/to/development.ini

Because by default data is saved every 15 minutes, it is a good idea to call
the cron job 3 minutes after. This mean every hour at 3, 18, 33 and 48 minute.
To do tis with con insert this line in the crontab :
3,18,33,48 * * * * wdwapp_cron /path/to/development.ini

Start web server :
$ gunicorn –paste development.ini

DO NOT USE the rest of this file =============================================

Getting Started

  • Change directory into your newly created project:

    cd meteoweb
  • Create a Python virtual environment:

    python3 -m venv env
  • Upgrade packaging tools:

    env/bin/pip install --upgrade pip setuptools
  • Install the project in editable mode with its testing requirements:

    env/bin/pip install -e ".[testing]"
  • Run your project’s tests:

  • Download ini files:

  • Adapt domaines entry in [app:main] section from ini file

    see on how to obtain keys. Or go directly to

  • Run your project:

    env/bin/pserve development.ini
    env/bin/pserve production.ini
  • Acces your project:


  • Retrieve weather data using a cron job.

    Get the URL http://localhost:6543/cron every 15 minutes.
    The best way is to add the following line in a crontab :

    */15 * * * * wget -q -O /dev/null http://dev.local:6543/cron

    Replace dev.local:6543 with your domain if you have one.
    The interval used to call this service determine the data interval.

Change log

  • 0.1.4 2021/10/18

    • Use of route_path instead of route_url to keep http or https scheme.
    • Use of current year in copyright.
    • Show last change and nbr of changes over battery icon.
    • Show last-seen over time icon.
    • Add Possibility to connect to weather data server with password.
    • Group battery and timing indicator in one indicator column.
    • Update Bootstrap from 3.3 to 5.1
    • Replaced indicators icons with bootstart icons
    • Add arrow in detail view to navigate between locations.
    • Add click to change battery on battery icon with confirmation.
    • In case if locations no more in session (e.g. if cookies are cleared) refresh there list.
  • 0.1.3 2021/10/16

    • Change display order in overview.
    • Correction of URL to https.
    • Correction of reStructuredText syntax errors.
    • Add alembic versions files.
    • Add alembic database update script.
  • 0.1.0 2021/10/15

    • Add two year digit in date of detail.
    • Add battery life data (last change, number of change).
    • Add display of battery level as a icon.
    • Add display of accuracy of data. If data is up to date as a icon.
    • Add new config value ” in .ini file.
  • 0.0.8 2018/02/28

    • use of gunicorn as web-server.
    • Data base update. Suppress unique index on sensor id in location. Please run V007to008.sql available on
    • Detect and send alarms only every wd.interval.

    Corrections :

    • When new sensor is detected save first data received.
    • Internal Server Error after lost MySql connection due to interactive timeout. Resolved by adding pool_pre_ping=True to create_engine.
  • 0.0.7 2017/12/28

    • Data base update. Add rank and grah color to location. Please run V006to007.sql available on
    • Secure humidity reading. Cannot be below 1 or upper 100.
    • Added detail view of last 24h data for a location.
  • 0.0.6 2017/12/26

    • Beginning with the webserver. A first page with last datas is available (in french sorry).
    • Data base update. Add long description to server. Please run V004to005.sql available on
    • Removed tests.
  • 0.0.4 2017/12/25

    • Remove return value.
    • Change logging system to manage different levels (debug, error, warning, etc.). In this way, for example, warnings can be send by mail from cron. This implies mail option from log() have been removed.
    • Suppress of backup file. Replaced by sensor_data table. This table is indexed with sensor ID and timestamp so it is easier to re-process data for a new sensor (re-process part need to be written).
  • 0.0.3 2017/12/22

    • Rounding results to avoid truncate warning during database update.
    • Avoid to insert already existing weather data.
  • 0.0.1 2017/12/21

    First version.

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