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Basic async interface for Rust's WebRcon protocol

Project description

WebRcon Package


pip install webrcon
pip install


webrcon.RconConnector(host, port, password, message_callback=None, console_callback=None)

Initialises the class
host: str - the IP/hostname of the server accepting WebRcon
port: Union[str, int] - the port the server is accepting WebRcon on
password: str - the password used to connect over WebRcon
message_callback: func - a sync or async function that is called whenever a chat message is sent
console_callback: func - a sync or async function that is called whenever a console message is sent

await RconConnector.start(loop, **kwargs)

Opens a connection to the server
loop - an asyncio event loop, can be obtained through asyncio.get_event_loop()
kwargs - passed to websockets.client.connect - read the docs

await RconConnector.close()

Closes the connection to the server

await RconConnector.command(command, callback)

Sends a command over RCON to the server
command: str - The command you want to be sent to the server
callback: func - A sync/async function that should take a single argument. The passed value will be a dict consisting of the output from the RCON server.
The response to your command will be under the Message key.


Your host/port/password combination is incorrect or the server isn't running.


You closed the connection and still tried to send a command. Good one.

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