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Python library for simple websocket managment

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Websocket Rooms: websocket_rooms

A python library for creating WebSocket rooms, for message sharing or data distribution to multiple connections.

This library was created after building several real-time web apps and implementing the same mechanism to broadcast real-time messages between clients listening for the same real-time telemetries. The library simplifies the solution for this issue and proposes a simpler way to handle multiple WebSocket clients that act the same way.

Basic use:

Let's create a chatroom where everyone can post their messages:

from websocket_rooms import Room

chat_room = Room()

async def on_receive(room: Room, websocket: WebSocket, message: Any) -> None:
    await room.push_json(message)

async def on_chatroom_connection(room: Room, websocket: WebSocket) -> None:"{} joined the chat room".format(

async def connect_websocket(websocket: WebSocket):
    await chat_room.connect(websocket)

More advanced usage

Example of a more advanced use case, with modification to the Room base class: Suppose a class RoomWithClientId, where each WebSocket has a client_id associated with it, which it receives on connection:

class RoomWithClientId(Room):
    def __init__(self, base_room: Optional[BaseRoom] = None) -> None:
        self._id_to_ws = {}

    async def connect(self, websocket: WebSocket, client_id: int) -> None:
        self._id_to_ws[websocket] = client_id
        await super().connect(websocket)

    def get_client_id(self, websocket: WebSocket) -> int:
        return self._id_to_ws.get(websocket)

chat_room = RoomWithClientId()

async def on_chatroom_receive(room: RoomWithClientId, websocket: WebSocket, message: Any) -> None:
    await room.push_json(message)

async def on_chatroom_connection(room: RoomWithClientId, websocket: WebSocket, client_id: int) -> None:"{} joined the chat room".format(client_id))

async def connect_websocket(websocket: WebSocket, client_id: int):
    await chat_room.connect(websocket, client_id)

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