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Wechaty is a Conversational RPA SDK for Chatbot Makers

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Python Wechaty

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What's Python Wechaty

Python Wechaty is an Open Source software application for building chatbots. It is a modern Conversational RPA SDK which Chatbot makers can use to create a bot in a few lines of code.

You can use Wechaty to build a chatbot which automates conversations and interact with people through instant messaging platforms such as WhatsApp, WeChat, WeCom, Gitter and Lark among others.


  • Message Processing: You can use the simple code, similar to natural language, to process the message receving & sending.
  • Plugin System: You can use the community-contributed plugins to handle your scenario.
  • Write onece, run multi IM platform: python wechaty support many IM platforms with one code, all of you need to do is switch the token token type.
  • Wechaty UI: you can use the powerful wechaty-ui to create interactive chatbot
  • ...

Getting Started

There are few steps to start your bot, and we give a bot-template for you to getting started quickly.

Join Us

Wechaty is used in many ChatBot projects by thousands of developers. If you want to talk with other developers, just scan the following QR Code in WeChat with secret code python wechaty, join our Wechaty Python Developers' Home.

Wechaty Friday.BOT QR Code

Scan now, because other Wechaty Python developers want to talk with you too! (secret code: python wechaty)


  1. Python 3.7+


pip3 install wechaty

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Static & Instance of Class



v0.6 (Jun 19, 2020)

Python Wechaty Scala Wechaty BETA Released!

Read more from our Multi-language Wechaty Beta Release event from our blog:

v0.4 (Mar 15, 2020) master

Welcome @huangaszaq for joining the project! #42

  1. Add a friendly exception message for PyPI users. #24

v0.1 (Mar 8, 2020)

Welcome @wj-Mcat for joining the project! #4

  1. Starting translate TypeScript of Wechaty to Python
  2. DevOps Setup
    1. Type Checking: mypy & pytype
    2. Unit Testing: pytest
    3. Linting: pylint, pycodestyle, and flake8
    4. CI/CD: GitHub Actions
  3. Publish to PyPI automatically after the tests passed.

v0.0.1 (Aug 25, 2018)

Project created, publish a empty module wechaty on PyPI.

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Wechaty in Python

[![Wechaty in Python](](

Stargazers over time

Stargazers over time


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  1. @huangaszaq - Chunhong HUANG (黄纯洪)


Copyright & License

  • Code & Docs © 2018 Wechaty Contributors
  • Code released under the Apache-2.0 License
  • Docs released under Creative Commons

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