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Retrieve quotes from any Wikiquote article.

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The wikiquote package for Python 3.X allows you to search and retrieve quotes from any Wikiquote article, as well as retrieve the quote of the day.

Please keep in mind that due to Wikiquote's varying HTML article layouts, some quotes may not be retrieved correctly. If you wish to collaborate, head over to the Developing section below.


You can install the wikiquote package using pip:

$ pip3 install --upgrade wikiquote


>>> import wikiquote

>>>'The Matrix')
# ['The Matrix (film)', 'The Matrix Revolutions', 'The Matrix Reloaded', 'The Animatrix']

>>> wikiquote.quotes('The Matrix (film)', max_quotes=2) # max_quotes defaults to 20
# ['Don't think you are, know you are.', 'Fate, it seems, is not without a sense of irony.']

>>> wikiquote.quote_of_the_day() # returns a (quote, author) tuple
# 'Always forgive your enemies; nothing annoys them so much.', 'Oscar Wilde'

>>> wikiquote.qotd() # same as quote_of_the_day()

>>> wikiquote.random_titles(max_titles=3) # max_titles defaults to 20
# ['The Lion King', 'Johannes Kepler', 'Rosa Parks']

>>> wikiquote.supported_languages()
# ['de', 'en', 'es', 'eu', 'fr', 'he', 'it', 'pl', 'pt']

Some article titles will lead to a Disambiguation page (like Matrix), which will raise a DisambiguationPageException exception. Usually this happens because there are many articles matching the search term. When this happens, try using search() first, and then use one of the specific article titles found.

If the article searched for does not exist, and no similar results exist, NoSuchPageException will be raised instead.

When requesting the quote of the day, a MissingQOTDException exception will be raised if the quote of the day could not be extracted from Wikiquote's main page. This usually happens because the page's layout has been changed.


The wikiquote module currently supports the following languages:

Language ISO 639-1 Code
Basque eu
English en
French fr
German de
Hebrew he
Italian it
Polish pl
Portuguese pt
Spanish es

Use the lang parameter to specify the language (defaults to en):

>>> import wikiquote

>>> wikiquote.quotes('Dune', lang='en')[0]
# 'Parting with friends is a sadness. A place is only a place.'

>>> wikiquote.quotes('Victor Hugo', lang='fr')[0]
# 'Le plus lourd fardeau, c'est d'exister sans vivre.'

>>> wikiquote.quotes('Nueve reinas', lang='es')[0]
# 'Más ofendido estás... menos sospechoso pareces.'

>>> wikiquote.quote_of_the_day(lang='es')
# 'He sospechado alguna vez que la única cosa sin misterio es la felicidad, porque se justifica por sí sola.', 'Jorge Luis Borges'

>>> wikiquote.quotes('Hermann Hesse', lang='de')[0]
# 'Nun, aller höhere Humor fängt damit an, daß man die eigene Person nicht mehr ernst nimmt.'

>>> wikiquote.quote_of_the_day(lang='it')
# "Siamo angeli con un'ala sola. Possiamo volare solo restando abbracciati.", 'Luciano De Crescenzo'

>>> wikiquote.quote_of_the_day(lang='pl')
# 'Boże pomóż mi być takim człowiekiem, za jakiego uważa mnie mój pies.', 'Janusz Leon Wiśniewski'

>>> wikiquote.quotes('José Saramago', lang='pt')[0]
# 'Nem a juventude sabe o que pode, nem a velhice pode o que sabe.'

Specifying an invalid language will result in an UnsupportedLanguageException exception.


Use random.choice() to select a random quote from an article:

>>> import wikiquote, random

>>> random.choice(wikiquote.quotes('Linus Torvalds'))


As mentioned in the introduction, wikiquote may fail to retrieve quotes from some articles. This is due to's varying internal article layouts: some quotes may be contained in div elements, others in li, etc. depending on the article.


First, check that all tests pass:

$ make test

After that, check that the wikiquote package follows the PEP 8 conventions:

$ pip3 install -r requirements-dev.txt
$ make lint

Finally, create a pull request stating your changes.


See the file.

Pending Tasks

  • Improve the way quotes are searched for in the HTML articles, avoid returning things like external references, links or notes from quotes.
  • Add more/better tests (for example, check that returned quotes do not contain characters like '(' or ')').
  • Add support for more languages: each language may require a different scrapping method.

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