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Simple GUI editor for BOTW file formats

Project description

Wild Bits

Simple editor for BOTW file formats


Requires the latest (2019) Visual C++ redistributable for x64, downloadable here.

Install Python 3.7+ (64-bit version), then run pip install wildbits.


To run Wild Bits, type wildbits into your command console. Alternatively, run python -m wildbits.

Wild Bits can edit most of the commonly modded, non-graphical file types in The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild, including SARC archives, the Resource Size Table (RSTB), and BYML, AAMP, and MSBT files. Most of the formats are handled by the powerful and reliable oead library, which ensures accuracy and compatibility with the game.

General usage notes: Wild Bits handles yaz0 compression/decompression automatically. Yaz0 compressed files are automatically decompressed, and when saving Wild Bits will determine whether to yaz0 compress based on whether the file extension has the additonal .s prefix. Big/little endian differences are also mostly handled automatically.

SARC Editor

SARC editor preview Preview of SARC editor

The SARC editor allows you to edit SARC files, e.g. .sbactorpack, .pack, .ssarc, etc. Once opened, the file contents will be displayed as tree view. Nested SARCs expand like folders and will be automatically repacked correctly. You can extract all files, update the contents from a source folder, add new files, or extract/rename/delete any individual file in the SARC. File types supported by the YAML editor can also be edited directly and saved to the open SARC. Recognized BOTW files in the SARC which have been modified from the stock copies are highlighted in yellow for easy identification.

RSTB Editor

RSTB editor preview Preview of RSTB editor

The RSTB editor can open a BOTW resource size table file, usually named ResourceSizeTable.product.srsizetable. It lists all of the resource entries with the option to edit or delete them. You can also add new entries. When adding or editing an entry, you have the option to calculate the correct value by providing the resource file. Resource types that cannot be calculated or estimated will return "0" from the calculator.

To find a specific entry, you can filter the list with the search box at the bottom of the UI, or you can use the Search button. The filter box will search any part of a file name, whereas the Search button requires an exact resource path.

If you cannot find an expected resource, note that entries for files not known from BOTW will appear as "Unknown" with their hash to identify them. Entries added by Wild Bits will be added to a list of recognized names, and so will full paths provided to the Search function (not the filter box).

YAML Editor

YAML editor preview Preview of the YAML editor

Other formats that Wild Bits supports, namely BYML, AAMP, and MSBT, are edited using the YAML editor. It works as a normal text/code editor but automatically handles conversion between the binary formats and YAML representation. Basic autocomplete is also provided.

Known Issues

With some system configurations, the wildbits command does not work properly, and the app must be launched with python -m wildbits.

Building from Source

Building from source requires, in addition to the general prerequisites:

  • Node.js v14
  • The following Python packages:
    • botw-utils >= 0.2.2
    • oead >= 1.1.1
    • rstb >= 1.2.0
    • pymsyt >= 0.1.5
    • xxhash ~= 1.4.3
    • pywebview ~= 3.2

To build from source, you will first need to prepare the webpack bundle. Enter the bcml/assets folder, run npm install to collect dependencies, and then run npm build or npm test.

Finally, back at the root folder, you can install using python install. You can also run without installing by using python -m bcml.

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