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Wrapper interfaces to interact with Backend to/from Gateway API.

Project description

Wirepas Mesh Messaging

This Python wheel contains the generated code to interact with Wirepas Mesh Network through the Gateway to Backend API. It offers an easy way to use the API in Python without the need to build the protobuf files yourself


Install from PyPi

This package is available from PyPi.

    pip install wirepas-mesh-messaging

From the source

This wheel can be built from source directly. Flow will be described here but can already be seen from this repository Github action.

Usage example

Create a message to be sent to a Gateway in protobuf format

>>> import wirepas_mesh_messaging as wmm

>>> downlink_message = wmm.SendDataRequest(dest_add=1234, src_ep=10, dst_ep=10, qos=0, payload=bytes.fromhex("0102ABCD"))

# downlink_message.payload can be published on right topic (protobuf formatted)
>>> downlink_message.payload
b'\n\x1e2\x1c\n\x0b\x08\x8e\xac\x9c\xbf\xab\x95\xbd\xf6\xfe\x01\x10\xd2\t\x18\n \n(\x002\x04\x01\x02\xab\xcd'

Parse a Wirepas message received from a Gateway in protobuf format

>>> import wirepas_mesh_messaging as wmm

# payload is the payload received from mqtt (protobuf formatted)
# Let's assume it was created like this on Gateway side:
# wmm.ReceivedDataEvent(gw_id="Gw1", sink_id="sink0", rx_time_ms_epoch=1608644981000, src=1234, dst=1, src_ep=10, dst_ep=10, travel_time_ms=128, qos=1).payload

>>> uplink_message = wmm.ReceivedDataEvent.from_payload(payload)

>>> print(uplink_message)
{'gw_id': 'Gw1', 'sink_id': 'sink0', 'event_id': 12527549978202166391, 'rx_time_ms_epoch': 1608644981000, 'source_address': 1234, 'destination_address': 1, 'source_endpoint': 10, 'destination_endpoint': 10, 'travel_time_ms': 128, 'qos': 1, 'data_payload': None, 'data_size': None, 'hop_count': 0}

Services API documentation

Please refer to the backend apis repository for documentation on the Gateway to Backend API.


Licensed under the Apache License, Version 2.0. See LICENSE for the full license text.

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