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My Data Structures and Algorithms Implemented in Python

Project description

My Implementation of Data Structure and Algorithms in Python

Build and Update Package

make upload version=a.b.c

Install This Package

pip install xalgorithm

List of Implementations

Xalgorithm Function Effect
@tag_me Tag each function with a label and access the function using that label
@print_me Print the functon, its argument and result, helpful in debugging
@ctrl_c Ask the user for confirmation to exit the program
@record_it Measure either the execution time or the execution count of a function
opath Return the absolute path, expanding any user shortcuts
ojoin Join multiple path components and optionally creates the path if it doesn't exist
osimplify Normalize a path
xprint Print text in styled format, please see my changelog for detailed usages
Out Functon Effect
make_classification Generates a synthetic classification dataset
describe_df Performs exploratory analysis on each feature
print_df Print a pandas DataFrame with rich API
Benchmark This class evaluates several well-known machine learning algorithms for a classification problem and provides multiple classification metrics for comparative analysis
%py_version Print the current version of Python
%%csv Parses the cell into a DataFrame and then prints the DataFrame to the console in the specified format (rich-format, plain-format, markdown-format)
%%time Display the execution time of code within a cell in seconds
Ods Function Effect
power_analysis Calculate sample size for power analysis using effect size, significance, power, and population std
RFM Segment and Target customers for personalized marketing strategies using Recency, Frequency, Monetary analysis
parse_vds Download Youtube subtitles, see xalgorithm --help for guidance. The Spacy English pipeline can be optionally loaded to segment sentences within subtitle scripts
Array Algorithm Definition
:white_large_square: Sliding Window
:white_check_mark: HuaRongDao Solve a puzzle where the goal is to start from initial state and end in final state

Advanced Algorithms and Data Structures (La Rocca, M., 2021)

Topic Note Finish Date
Chp 2: d-way heaps Priority Queue :white_large_square:
Chp 2: huffman compression xxxx :white_large_square:


All updates are tracked in this file.


To better prepare myself for the challenges of algorithmic problems, I have included code from Open Data Structures. I will probably to rewrite some functions to make them compatible with my project as I continue to read this book. I owe huge gratitude for their work in jumping start my learning journey.

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