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General purpose bool/boolean utilities, extracting bools from strings.

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General purpose bool/boolean utilities, extracting bools from strings.

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# via pip
pip install xbool

# via poetry
poetry add xbool

Quick Start


Generally converts objects to bool-values, special-casing strings to use the built-in distutils.util.strtobool function to convert the string value to a bool.

from xbool import bool_value

# Convert string to bool
assert bool_value('true') is True
assert bool_value('false') is False

assert bool_value('y') is True
assert bool_value('n') is False

assert bool_value('on') is True
assert bool_value('off') is False

assert bool_value('t') is True
assert bool_value('f') is False

assert bool_value('yes') is True
assert bool_value('no') is False

assert bool_value('1') is True
assert bool_value('0') is False

# Any other string is generally considered False:
assert bool_value("some-other-string") is False

# Convert bools to bools:
assert bool_value(True) is True
assert bool_value(False) is False

# Generally, for non-strings, True-like objects return True:
some_object = object()
assert bool_value(some_object) is True

# And False-like objects return False:
assert bool_value(None) is False


Looks up environmental variable with passed in name.

Runs the env-var value though bool_value for you and returns the result.

Useful to easily get a bool-value from an environmental variable.

from xbool import bool_env
import os

os.environ['SOME_ENV_VAR'] = "False"
assert bool_env('SOME_ENV_VAR') is False

os.environ['SOME_OTHER_ENV_VAR'] = "True"
assert bool_env('SOME_OTHER_ENV_VAR') is True


This library is licensed under the MIT-0 License. See the LICENSE file.

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