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A library to authenticate with Windows Live/Xbox Live and use their API

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Xbox-WebAPI is a python library to authenticate with Xbox Live via your Microsoft Account and provides Xbox related Web-API.

Authentication via credentials or tokens is supported, Two-Factor-Authentication ( 2FA ) is also possible.


  • Python >= 3.5

  • Libraries: requests, demjson, appdirs, urwid

How to use


pip install xbox-webapi-ex


# Token save location: If tokenfile is not provided via cmdline, fallback
# of <appdirs.user_data_dir>/tokens.json is used as save-location
# Specifically:
# Windows: C:\\Users\\<username>\\AppData\\Local\\OpenXbox\\xbox
# Mac OSX: /Users/<username>/Library/Application Support/xbox/tokens.json
# Linux: /home/<username>/.local/share/xbox
# For more information, see: and module: xbox.webapi.scripts.constants

xbox-authenticate --tokens tokens.json --email --password abc123

# NOTE: If no credentials are provided via cmdline, they are requested from stdin
xbox-authenticate --tokens tokens.json

# If you have a shell compatible with ncurses, you can use the Terminal UI app
xbox-auth-ui --tokens tokens.json

Fallback Authentication:

# In case this authentication flow breaks or you do not trust the code with your credentials..
# Open the following URL in your web-browser and authenticate

# Once you finished auth and reached a blank page, copy the redirect url from your browser address-field
# Execute the script with supplied redirect url
xbox-auth-via-browser ''

Example: Search Xbox Live via cmdline tool:

# Search Xbox One Catalog
xbox-searchlive --tokens tokens.json "Some game title"

# Search Xbox 360 Catalog
xbox-searchlive --tokens tokens.json -l "Some game title"

API usage:

import sys

from xbox.webapi.api.client import XboxLiveClient
from xbox.webapi.authentication.manager import AuthenticationManager
from xbox.webapi.common.exceptions import AuthenticationException

For doing authentication in code, see xbox/webapi/scripts/
or for OAUTH via web-brower, see xbox/webapi/scripts/

  auth_mgr = AuthenticationManager.from_file('/path_to/tokens.json')
except FileNotFoundError as e:
    'Failed to load tokens from \'{}\'.\n'
    'ERROR: {}'.format(e.filename, e.strerror)

except AuthenticationException as e:
  print('Authentication failed! Err: %s' % e)

xbl_client = XboxLiveClient(auth_mgr.userinfo.userhash, auth_mgr.xsts_token.jwt, auth_mgr.userinfo.xuid)

# Some example API calls

# Get friendslist
friendslist = xbl_client.people.get_friends_own()

# Get presence status (by list of XUID)
presence = xbl_client.presence.get_presence_batch([12344567687845, 453486346235151])

# Get messages
messages = xbl_client.message.get_message_inbox()

# Get profile by GT
profile = xbl_client.profile.get_profile_by_gamertag('SomeGamertag')


Here you can see the Auth TUI (Text user interface):

Known issues

  • There are a lot of missing XBL endpoints


  • Report bugs/suggest features

  • Add/update docs

  • Add additional xbox live endpoints


This package uses parts of Cookiecutter and the audreyr/cookiecutter-pypackage project template. The authentication code is based on joealcorn/xbox

Informations on endpoints gathered from:


Xbox, Xbox One, Smartglass and Xbox Live are trademarks of Microsoft Corporation. Team OpenXbox is in no way endorsed by or affiliated with Microsoft Corporation, or any associated subsidiaries, logos or trademarks.


1.1.7 (2018-11-10)

  • Fix parsing of WindowsLive auth response

1.1.6 (2018-09-30)

  • Consider (User-)privileges of (XSTS) userinfo optional

  • Fix: Always return bool for @Property AuthenticationManager.authenticated

1.1.5 (2018-08-11)

  • Make property authenticated in AuthenticationManager check token validity

  • Break out of windows live auth early if cookies were cached previously

1.1.4 (2018-07-01)

  • Implement convenience functions for Partner Service Authentication

1.1.3 (2018-06-16)

  • Gracefully fail on wrong account password

  • Fix “ValueError: tui: Unexpected button pressed: Cancel”

  • provider.lists: Correct headers, GET list works

  • Titlehub: Support getting title history by xuid

1.1.2 (2018-05-06)

  • Fixing appdir (aka. token save location) creation on windows

1.1.1 (2018-05-03)

  • Removed python-dateutil dependency

  • Add auth-via-browser fallback script

  • Small changes

1.1.0 (2018-04-17)

  • Auth: Updated 2FA authentication to meet current windows live auth flow

  • Auth: Redesigned 2FA authentication procedure

  • Auth: Implemented xbox-auth-ui script ( urwid terminal ui)

  • Auth: For password masking, getpass instead or raw input() is used

  • Scripts: Default to appdirs.user_data_dir if no tokenfile provided via cmdline argument (see README)

1.0.9 (2018-03-30)

  • Extend Gameclips provider with title id filtering and saved clips

  • Add Screenshots provider

  • Add Titlehub provider

1.0.8 (2018-03-29)

  • Added Userstats endpoint

  • Updated README

1.0.7 (2018-03-28)

  • Support supplying auth credentials via stdin

  • Added tests for all endpoints

  • Added tests for authentication

  • Added QCS endpoint

  • Added Profile endpoint

  • Added Achievements endpoint

  • Added Usersearch endpoint

  • Added Gameclips endpoint

  • Added People endpoint

  • Added Presence endpoint

  • Added Message endpoint

  • Removed Gamerpics endpoint

1.0.3 - 1.0.6 (2018-03-17)

  • Metadata changes

1.0.2 (2018-03-17)

  • More metadata changes, rendering on PyPi is fine now

1.0.1 (2018-03-17)

  • Metadata changes

1.0.0 (2018-03-17)

  • First release on PyPI.

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