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An XDCC File Downloader based on the irclib framework

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XDCC Downloader

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An XDCC File downloader based on the irclib framework.


Either install the program using pip install xdcc-dl or python install

Please not that python 2 is no longer supported, the project requires python 3 to run.


Message-based CLI

XDCC Packlists usually list xdcc commands in the following form:

/msg <BOTNAME> xdcc send #<PACKNUMBER>

By supplying this message as a positional parameter, the pack can be downloaded.


# This is the xdcc message:  '/msg the_bot xdcc send #1'

# This command downloads pack 1 from the_bot
$ xdcc-dl "/msg the_bot xdcc send #1"

# It's possible to download a range of packs (1-10 in this case):
$ xdcc-dl "/msg the_bot xdcc send #1-10"

# Range stepping is also possible:
$ xdcc-dl "/msg the_bot xdcc send #1-10;2"
# (This will download packs 1,3,5,7,9)

# Explicitly specifying the packs to download as a comma-separated list:
$ xdcc-dl "/msg the_bot xdcc send #1,2,5,8"
# (This will download packs 1,2,5,8)

# you can also specify the destination file or directory:
$ xdcc-dl "/msg the_bot xdcc send #1" -o /home/user/Downloads/test.txt

# if the bot is on a different server than, a server
# has to be specified:
$ xdcc-dl "/msg the_bot xdcc send #1" --server

# To specify different levels of verbosity, pass the `--verbose` or
# `--quiet` flag
$ xdcc-dl -v ...
$ xdcc-dl -q ...

As a library:

xdcc-dl is built to be used as a library for use in other projects. To make use of the XDCC downloader in your application, you will first need to create a list of XDCCPack objects.

This can be done manually using the constructor, the XDCCPack.from_xdcc_message class method or by using an XDCC Search Engine

Once this list of XDCCPacks is created, use the download_packs function in the xdcc module.

An example on how to use the library is listed below:

from xdcc_dl.xdcc import download_packs
from xdcc_dl.pack_search import SearchEngines
from xdcc_dl.entities import XDCCPack, IrcServer

# Generate packs
manual = XDCCPack(IrcServer(""), "bot", 1)
from_message = XDCCPack.from_xdcc_message("/msg bot xdcc send #2-10")
search_results ="Test")
combined = [manual] + from_message + search_results

# Start download

Projects using xdcc-dl

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