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Tree 2 tree correction between xml documents. Extract differences between two xml files. It returns a set of primitives to apply on source tree to obtain the destination tree.

Project description

Xmldiff is a utility for extracting differences between two xml files. It returns a set of primitives to apply on source tree to obtain the destination tree.

The implementation is based on Change detection in hierarchically structured information, by S. Chawathe, A. Rajaraman, H. Garcia-Molina and J. Widom, Stanford University, 1996


To install the latest release:

pip install xmldiff

To install the development version:

git clone
cd xmldiff
virtualenv ./.venv
./.venv/bin/python install

Then to compare two given XML files:

./.venv/bin/xmldiff 1.xml 2.xml

Running tests

To run the test suite for all python versions:



1.1.1 (2018-06-20)

  • When moving attributes the secondary rename action xpath was ‘//LogilabXmldiffTmpAttr<attrib>’ which is a tag specification. Changed this to ‘//@LogilabXmldiffTmpAttr<attrib>’, so an attribute is specified.

1.1.0 (2018-06-15)

  • When using namespaces, the returned xpaths are now in the form ns_prefix:tag instead of the earlier {ns_uri}tag, which isn’t correct xpaths.

1.0.0 (2018-04-13)

  • pep8 cleanup, added flake8 checking to tox

1.0.0a6 (2018-04-12)

  • Removed encoding, because python does unicode just fine
  • Switched on namespace handling for XML input

1.0.0a5 (2018-04-11)

  • Brownbag release to make up for bad previous ones.

1.0.0a2 (2018-04-11)

  • Temporary disabling of encoding text (hopefully permanent).
  • Reverted bug fix: Do not remove newlines from text while parsing the XML.

1.0.0a1 (2018-04-10)

  • Bug: Fix a off-by-one issue with insert-after action.
  • Bug: Do not rename children on text node updates.
  • Bug: Text moves were not recorded as part of the fmes edit script.
  • Remove only partially implemented xmlrev script.
  • Removed support for xupdate, which never became a standard.
  • Removed deprecated ezs optional algorithm.
  • Removed support for Debian and RedHat packaging.
  • Removed Windows support
  • LOTS of package cleanup (, MANIFEST, proper console script, etc)
  • tests moved to py.test and cleaned, added tox, travis, coverage support

0.6.10 (2010-08-27)

  • apply Daiki Ueno patch: fails when comparing minimal trees on i386

0.6.9 (2009-04-02)

  • Fixed xmldiff-xmlrev compilation error

0.6.8 (2006-06-15)

  • Fixed 64bit cleanness issues

0.6.7 (2005-05-04)

  • WARNING: xmldiff is no longer a logilab subpackage. Users may have to manually remove the old logilab/xmldiff directory.
  • fixed debian bug #275750, also reported by Christopher R Newman on the xml-projects mailing list
  • fixed –profile option, wrap function from maplookup when profiling so that they appear in the profile information
  • fixed to ignore the xmlrev shell script under windows platforms
  • small improvements (remove recursion in, minor enhancement in, rewrite of lcs4 in C)

0.6.6 (2004-12-23)

  • Applied patch by Bastian Kleineidam <> which

    • corrects the typo in ML_DIR
    • fixes the TMPFILE_XSLT/TMPFILE_XSL typo
    • makes sure the files are XML or SGML files, else prints an error
    • adds various missing quotes around filenames which could have spaces or begin with a hyphen
    • fixes typos in the usage() function

    Thanks a lot, Bastian.

  • Fixed some problems in the xmlrev.xslt stylesheet

  • Fixed problems in xmlrev caused by the exit status of xmldiff when successful

  • Added a man page for xmldiff and xmlrev

0.6.5 (2004-09-02)

  • xmlrev bugfixes
  • Fixed packaging problems (missing xsl stylesheets and MANIFEST file)

0.6.4 (2003-10-02)

  • fix recursive mode
  • rewrite regression test, add test for the recursive mode
  • add –help option to xlmrev
  • packaging fixes
  • turn API.txt and HELP.txt to correct ReST

0.6.3 (2002-11-06)

  • fix wrong xpath for attributes
  • fix bug with temporary duplicate attribute node
  • fix for xupdate
  • fix ext_pes option bug
  • update changelog to new format

0.6.2 (2002-09-23)

  • return number of differences on command line
  • reintroduce misc.list_print which caused recursive mode to fail
  • use psyco if available (
  • little changes in C extension

0.6.1 (2002-08-29)

  • fix packaging problems

0.6.0 (2002-08-23)

  • change of the internal representation
  • remove support for the EZS algorithm (no more maintened for the moment)
  • add command line options to parse html and to control entities inclusion and output encoding
  • fixing coalescing text nodes bug
  • many other bugs fixes
  • great speed improvement

0.5.3 (2002-01-31)

  • add in “logilab” directory

0.5.2 (2001-10-29)

  • bug fixes in xupdate formatting and in the dom interface.

0.5.1 (2001-09-07)

  • Fast Match / Edit Scritp algorithm, now fully usable
  • fixes Unicode problem

0.2.1 (2001-08-10)

  • bug fixes, optimizations for ezs algorithm

0.1.1 (2001-08-04)

  • original revision

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