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An xpublish plugin for serving intake catalogs

Project description


An xpublish plugin for serving intake catalogs


As data access services are moved from custom APIs into xpublish plugins, data users need a way to discover these new plugins as they become available without changing their analysis code. One way to standardize dataset access for those that can be loaded via intake is to provide an intake catalog of the plugins endpoints.


This plugin currently supports the xpublish.plugins.included.zarr.ZarrPlugin plugin (which is intake compatible). In the future it would be nice if this library did not have to understand each and every plugin that is intake compatible and left it up to the plugin authors to add intake catalog support into their access services where applicable. This library could provide a mixin for xpublish plugins to use to register their endpoints in a standard way to then be advertised in an intake catalog.


For conda users you can

conda install --channel conda-forge xpublish_intake

or, if you are a pip user

pip install xpublish_intake


The intake plugin will be automatically discoverd by xpublish if you have the library installed. This will work for most users if you don't need to customize the endpoints.

If you specify your plugins manually you will need to add IntakePlugin to the plugins argument of xpublish.Rest or register the IntakePlugin explicitly.

from xpublish_intake.plugins import IntakePlugin

# Included in the `plugins` map
rest = Rest(
        'intake': IntakePlugin()

# Registered explicitly
rest = Rest(...)


The intake plugin is by default configured with

  • app_router_prefix='/intake' which creates the /intake.yaml route for the root intake catalog containing all datasets in an xpublish.Rest instance. By default that route is available at http://.../intake.yaml.

  • dataset_router_prefix='' which creates an /datasets/[name]/catalog.yaml router for all datasets in the xpublish.Rest instance. By default those route are available at http://.../datasets/[name]/catalog.yaml.

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License and copyright

xpublish_intake is licensed under the MIT License.

Development occurs on GitHub at

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