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A library implementing workflows (or state machines) for Python projects.

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XWorkflows is a library to add workflows, or state machines, to Python objects.

It has been fully tested with Python 2.7 and all versions from 3.4 to 3.9


It allows to easilly define a workflow, attach it to a class, and use its transitions:

import xworkflows

class MyWorkflow(xworkflows.Workflow):
    # A list of state names
    states = (
        ('foo', "Foo"),
        ('bar', "Bar"),
        ('baz', "Baz"),
    # A list of transition definitions; items are (name, source states, target).
    transitions = (
        ('foobar', 'foo', 'bar'),
        ('gobaz', ('foo', 'bar'), 'baz'),
        ('bazbar', 'baz', 'bar'),
    initial_state = 'foo'

class MyObject(xworkflows.WorkflowEnabled):
    state = MyWorkflow()

    def foobar(self):
        return 42

    # It is possible to use another method for a given transition.
    def blah(self):
        return 13
>>> o = MyObject()
>>> o.state
<StateWrapper: <State: 'foo'>>
>>> o.state.is_foo
>>> o.state.title
>>> o.foobar()
>>> o.state
<StateWrapper: <State: 'bar'>>
>>> o.state.title
>>> o.blah()
>>> o.state
<StateWrapper: <State: 'baz'>>
>>> o.state.title


Custom functions can be hooked to transactions, in order to run before/after a transition, when entering a state, when leaving a state, …:

class MyObject(xworkflows.WorkflowEnabled):

    state = MyWorkflow()

    def my_hook(self, *args, **kwargs):
        # *args and **kwargs are those passed to MyObject.foobar(...)

    def my_other_hook(self, result, *args, **kwargs):
        # Will be called just after any transition entering 'bar'
        # result is the value returned by that transition
        # *args, **kwargs are the arguments/keyword arguments passed to the
        # transition.

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