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Yet Another Fixed Width Integer (Library)

Project description


Yet Another Fixed Width Integer (Library)

Simple fixed with integers for developer experimentation.



Available through yafwi - PyPI using pip install yafwi.

Some Examples

>>> from yafwi import *
>>> from yafwi import __all__
>>> __all__
('FixedWidthInt', 'BaseFixedWidthInt', 'generate_int', 
 'int8', 'int16', 'int32', 'int64', 'int128', 'int256', 
 'uint8', 'uint16', 'uint32', 'uint64', 'uint128', 'uint256', 
 'sbyte', 'byte', 'short', 'ushort', 'int_', 'uint', 'long', 'ulong')

>>> int8(120)

>>> int8(120) + 120  # Arithmetic with Python int preserves type
>>> int8(120) + int16(120)  # Arithmetic will take result in larger width

>>> int16.max, int16.min  # Utility sentinels
(int16(32767), int16(-32768))
>>> uint32.min, uint32.max
(uint32(0), uint32(4294967295))

>>> int8(0b11110000)  # Utility represenations
>>> int8(0b11110000).bin
>>> int8(0b11110000).hex

>>> (~int8(0b10010110)).bin
>>> (int8(0b10010110) >> 2).bin
>>> (int8(0b10010110) << 2).bin
>>> ((uint32(uint8.max) << 10 | uint8.max) ^ uint32.max - (1 << 31)).bin

>>> bytes(uint32(8))  # Output depends on system byteorder
>>> uint32(8).hex  # Output independent of system byteorder

Convenient Aliases

>>> from yafwi import *

>>> uint is uint32
>>> long is int64
>>> ushort is uint16

Arbitrary Sizes

>>> import yafwi

>>> yafwi.generate_int(1024, unsigned=True)
<class 'yafwi.uint1024'>
>>> yafwi.int512
<class 'yafwi.int512'>

>>> yafwi.int3.max, yafwi.int3.min  # Including some fun ones... 
(int3(3), int3(-4))

Platform Independence

If run on a big-endian system, the bytes associated with the numbers will be different, but higher-level functionality should remain unchanged.

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yafwi-1.0.1.tar.gz (11.1 kB view hashes)

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