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Utility for converting YAML files to SQLite

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Load the contents of a YAML file into a SQLite database table.

$ yaml-to-sqlite --help
Usage: yaml-to-sqlite [OPTIONS] DB_PATH TABLE YAML_FILE

  Convert YAML files to SQLite

  --version             Show the version and exit.
  --pk TEXT             Column to use as a primary key
  --single-column TEXT  If YAML file is a list of values, populate this column
  --help                Show this message and exit.


Given a news.yml file containing the following:

- date: 2021-06-05
  body: |-
    [Datasette 0.57]( is out with an important security patch.
- date: 2021-05-10
  body: |-
    [Django SQL Dashboard]( is a new tool that brings a useful authenticated subset of Datasette to Django projects that are built on top of PostgreSQL.

Running this command:

$ yaml-to-sqlite news.db stories news.yml

Will create a database file with this schema:

$ sqlite-utils schema news.db
CREATE TABLE [stories] (
   [date] TEXT,
   [body] TEXT

The --pk option can be used to set a column as the primary key for the table:

$ yaml-to-sqlite news.db stories news.yml --pk date
$ sqlite-utils schema news.db
CREATE TABLE [stories] (
   [body] TEXT

Single column YAML lists

The --single-column option can be used when the YAML file is a list of values, for example a file called dogs.yml containing the following:

- Cleo
- Pancakes
- Nixie

Running this command:

$ yaml-to-sqlite dogs.db dogs.yaml --single-column=name

Will create a single dogs table with a single name column that is the primary key:

$ sqlite-utils schema dogs.db
$ sqlite-utils dogs.db 'select * from dogs' -t

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