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A linter for YAML files.

Project description

A linter for YAML files.

yamllint does not only check for syntax validity, but for weirdnesses like key repetition and cosmetic problems such as lines length, trailing spaces, indentation, etc.

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Written in Python (compatible with Python 3 only).




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Using pip, the Python package manager:

pip install --user yamllint

yamllint is also packaged for all major operating systems, see installation examples (dnf, apt-get…) in the documentation.


# Lint one or more files
yamllint my_file.yml my_other_file.yaml ...
# Lint all YAML files in a directory
yamllint .
# Use a pre-defined lint configuration
yamllint -d relaxed file.yaml

# Use a custom lint configuration
yamllint -c /path/to/myconfig file-to-lint.yaml
# Output a parsable format (for syntax checking in editors like Vim, emacs...)
yamllint -f parsable file.yaml

Read more in the complete documentation!


Here is a yamllint configuration file example:

extends: default

  # 80 chars should be enough, but don't fail if a line is longer
    max: 80
    level: warning

  # don't bother me with this rule
  indentation: disable

Within a YAML file, special comments can be used to disable checks for a single line:

This line is waaaaaaaaaay too long  # yamllint disable-line

or for a whole block:

# yamllint disable rule:colons
- Lorem       : ipsum
  dolor       : sit amet,
  consectetur : adipiscing elit
# yamllint enable

Specific files can be ignored (totally or for some rules only) using a .gitignore-style pattern:

# For all rules
ignore: |

    ignore: |
    ignore: |

Read more in the complete documentation!


GPL version 3

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