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a YAML magic for IPython notebooks

Project description

an IPython magic for capturing data in YAML into a running IPython kernel.

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From the command line (or with ! in a notebook cell):

pip install yamlmagic



In the notebook, you can use the %load_ext or %reload_ext line magic.

%reload_ext yamlmagic


In your profile’s, you can add the following line to automatically load yamlmagic into all your running kernels:

c.InteractiveShellApp.extensions = ['yaml_magic']


The %%yaml cell magic will either act as simple parser:

a_toplevel_key: 1
<IPython.core.display.Javascript object>
{'a_toplevel_key': 1}

which can be accessed by the special last result variable _:

{'a_toplevel_key': 1}

Or will update a named variable with the parsed document:

%%yaml x
- a: 1
  b: 2
<IPython.core.display.Javascript object>
[{'a': 1, 'b': 2}]

By default, yaml.SafeLoader will be used, which won’t allow the powerful but dangerous (and unportable) `!python/ tags <>`__. If you’d like to use them, provide the -l (or --loader) argument with a BaseLoader subclass available via a local variable…

from yaml import Loader
class FooLoader(Loader):
    # some special things you have built
%%yaml --loader FooLoader
- a: !!python/float 1
  b: !!python/float 2
<IPython.core.display.Javascript object>
[{'a': 1.0, 'b': 2.0}]

…or dotted-notation path to a loader:

%%yaml --loader yaml.Loader
- a: !!python/float 1
  b: !!python/float 2
<IPython.core.display.Javascript object>
[{'a': 1.0, 'b': 2.0}]


Issues and pull requests welcome!


yamlmagic is released as free software under the BSD 3-Clause license.


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