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Generate HTML or XML in a pythonic way. Pure python alternative to web template engines.Can fill HTML forms with default values and error messages.

Project description

Why use a template engine when you can generate HTML or XML documents with Python in a very readable way?

( full tutorial on )

Basic example

Nested html tags, no need to close tags.

from yattag import Doc

doc, tag, text = Doc().tagtext()

with tag('html'):
    with tag('body', id = 'hello'):
        with tag('h1'):
            text('Hello world!')


Html form rendering

Yattag can fill your HTML forms with default values and error messages. Pass a defaults dictionary of default values, and an errors dictionary of error messages to the Doc constructor. Then, use the special input, textarea, select, option methods when generating your documents.

Example with default values

from yattag import Doc

doc, tag, text = Doc(
    defaults = {'ingredient': ['chocolate', 'coffee']}

with tag('form', action = ""):
    with tag('label'):
        text("Select one or more ingredients")
    with = 'ingredient', multiple = "multiple"):
        for value, description in (
            ("chocolate", "Dark chocolate"),
            ("almonds", "Roasted almonds"),
            ("honey", "Acacia honey"),
            ("coffee", "Ethiopian coffee")
            with doc.option(value = value):
    doc.stag('input', type = "submit", value = "Validate")


Example with default values and errors

from yattag import Doc

doc, tag, text = Doc(
    defaults = {
        'title': 'Untitled',
        'contact_message': 'You just won the lottery!'
    errors = {
        'contact_message': 'Your message looks like spam.'

with tag('h1'):
    text('Contact form')
with tag('form', action = ""):
    doc.input(name = 'title', type = 'text')
    with doc.textarea(name = 'contact_message'):
    doc.stag('input', type = 'submit', value = 'Send my message')


Full tutorial on

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