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Database migrations with SQL

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Yoyo database migrations

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This project has been clone from ollyc/yoyo. Thanks Ollyc!!

Why this repository?

  • To improve project documentation
  • To fix bugs related to different python versions
  • I had different issues on Mac but not on Linux, so fix them
  • To add full support for Python 3.6/3.7 (annotations, async/io databases drivers)
  • To add new Features
  • To add full code coverage

Yoyo is a database schema migration tool. You write database migrations as Python scripts containing raw SQL statements or Python functions.


pip install yoyo-database-migrations


What does yoyo-migrations do?

As your database application evolves, changes to the database schema may be required. Yoyo lets you write migration scripts in Python containing SQL statements to migrate your database schema to a new version.

A simple migration script looks like this:

# file: migrations/
from yoyo import step
    "CREATE TABLE foo (id INT, bar VARCHAR(20), PRIMARY KEY (id))",
    "DROP TABLE foo",

Yoyo manages these database migration scripts, gives you command line tools to apply and rollback migrations, and manages dependencies between migrations.

Database support

PostgreSQL, MySQL and SQLite databases are supported. ODBC and Oracle database backends are available (but unsupported).


  • Command yoyo showmigrations added

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