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This CLI provides an opinionated, high-level wrapper for the “Autobahn” deployment API:

  • It only provides high-level commands
    • Only support what CI/CD pipelines need
    • Low-level access to Kubernetes provided by zkubectl
  • It uses Mustache for templating
    • Familiar to Zalando users: we already use it in Senza
    • Language-agnostic: users could switch to other tools without changing their manifests

Steps required by CI/CD Pipeline

  • Apply stateful resources
    • Cloud Formation templates
    • Kubernetes manifests
    • Should be possible for a whole directory
  • Create Kubernetes deployment
  • Switch “traffic” / scale deployments pod by pod
    • Needs to check pod “readyness”
  • Delete old deployments
  • Scale deployment (manually triggered)

Why another CLI?

The CI/CD pipeline could also call the “Autobahn” deployment API directly, but:

  • CI/CD pipeline (Jenkinsfile) would contain a lot of code and logic to interact with Autobahn API directly
  • Hard to test interaction with Autobahn API without running CI/CD (Jenkins)
  • No standard templating for Kubernetes manifests — first approach relied on another 3rd party tool (sigil)
  • Switching to another CI/CD would require reimplementing logic from Jenkinsfile


All commands interacting with the “Autobahn” deployment API either need the --execute flag (for immediate approval and execution) or additional calls to approve and execute.

$ sudo pip3 install -U zalando-deploy-cli
$ zdeploy configure \
    --deploy-api= \
    --aws-account=aws:7.. \
    --aws-region=eu-central-1 \
$ zdeploy apply ./apply/my-service.yaml --execute \
    application=kio version=cd53 release=12
$ zdeploy create-deployment deployment.yaml kio cd53 12 --execute
$ zdeploy wait-for-deployment kio cd53 12
$ zdeploy switch-deployment kio cd53 12 2/10 --execute
$ zdeploy wait-for-deployment kio cd53 12
$ zdeploy switch-deployment kio cd53 12 3/10 --execute
$ # ..
$ zdeploy switch-deployment kio cd53 12 10/10 --execute
$ zdeploy delete-old-deployments kio cd53 12 --execute
$ zdeploy scale-deployment kio cd53 12 15 --execute # manual scaling

You can also just use the Mustache template interpolation manually:

$ zdeploy render-template my-manifest.yaml foo=bar var2=123

Configure for Cluster

You can automatically set Kubernetes Cluster specific configuration using the cluster’s alias:

$ zdeploy configure-for-cluster ALIAS

New configuration:
  aws_account: aws:7..
  kubernetes_cluster: aws:7..:kube-1

If you don’t have zkubectl configured you also need to provide the Cluster Registry URL:

$ zdeploy configure-for-cluster --cluster-registry-url ALIAS

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