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A Python replacement for Zabbix sender and get.

Project description

zappix - a package for Zabbix sender and get.

zappix aims to be a drop-in replacement for zabbix_get as well as zabbix_sender. Its components are available not only as a module but from the command line as well.

zappix requires Python3 and is guaranteed to work with 3.6.


zappix is not dependant on any third party modules. The easiest way to install it with pip:

pip install zappix


As mentioned earlier - zappix can be used both as a module inside of an application, as well as from the Command Line Interface.

As a module

At the moment zappix has two classes: Sender and Get. Both of which can be imported in the following manner:

>>> from zappix.sender import Sender
>>> from zappix.get import Get

Then you can send or get some data. Asuming both Zabbix Agent and Server run on localhost and default ports:

>>> getter = Get("")
>>> getter.get_value("")
>>> sender = Sender("")
>>> sender.send_value('testhost', 'test', 1)
{"processed": 1, "failed": 0, "total": 1, "seconds spent": 0.005}


To use this utility from the command line, you need to invoke python with the -m flag, followed by the module name and required parameters:

python -m zappix.sender -z -s testhost -k testkey -o 1


If you wish to contribute it's good to know how to conduct tests. You can go with mocked tests only or add integration tests as well.

To enable integration tests, set the envvar ZAPPIX_TEST_INTEGRATION=yes

After if you wish to proceed with services in docker containers run the following:

docker run -d -e "ZBX_CACHEUPDATEFREQUENCY=1" -p 10051:10051 -p 80:80 zabbix/zabbix-appliance
docker run -d -e "ZBX_SERVER_HOST=" -p 10050:10050 zabbix/zabbox-agent

Note that the zabbix-appliance might take a while to start. Once both containers are up and running, just run tox.

If you have your custom Zabbix services, it is possible to configure tests via envvars to connect to those:

envvar usage
ZAPPIX_AGENT IP address or DNS name of running Zabbix agent
ZAPPIX_SERVER IP address or DNS name of running Zabbix Server
ZAPPIX_API URL of Zabbix fronted. Schema is required
ZAPPIX_API_USER User for creating entities via API. Should have RW permissions to a Host group with ID=2 - Usually 'Linux Servers'
ZAPPIX_API_PASS Password for that user

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