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A package to communicate with (Zebra) label printers

Project description


from zebra import Zebra

z = Zebra( [queue] )
  Constructor with optional printer queue

  Return a list containing available printer queues

z.setqueue( queue )
  Set the printer queue

z.setup( direct_thermal=None, label_height=None, label_width=None )
  Set up the label printer using EPL2. Parameters are not set if they are None.
  Not necessary if using AutoSense (hold feed button while powering on)
    direct_thermal - True if using direct thermal labels
    label_height   - tuple (label height, label gap) in dots
    label_width    - in dots

  Resets the printer to factory settings using EPL2

  Resets the printer using EPL2 - equivalent of switching off/on

  Run AutoSense by sending an EPL2 command
  Get the printer to detect label and gap length and set the sensor levels

  Send an EPL2 command to print label(s) with current config settings

z.store_graphic( name, filename )
  Store a 1 bit .PCX file on the label printer using EPL2
    name     - name to be used on printer
    filename - local filename

z.print_graphic( x, y, width, length, data, qty )
    Print a label from 1 bit data, using EPL2
      x,y    - top left coordinates of the image, in dots
      width  - width of image, in dots.  Must be a multiple of 8.
      length - length of image, in dots
      data   - raw graphical data, in bytes
      qty    - number of labels to print

z.output( commands )
  Output raw commands to the printer

  Print label(s) containing the current printer configuration using EPL2


If you are on a Linux or MacOSX machine using CUPS, you may need to set up a printer queue using the admin panel at http://localhost:631



  • class name is now ‘Zebra’ instead of ‘zebra’

  • Fix for missing win32print module in pypi

  • Drop python 2 support

  • use setuptools instead of distutils

  • improve documentation

  • Added reset(), reset_default(), autosense(), print_config_label() and print_graphic() functions


  • Added -oraw to lpr command to make more CUPS installations work

0.0.4 and earlier


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