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Project Description

This project provides a Net-SNMP pass_persist script for monitoring Zenoss. If you aren’t familiar with Net-SNMP’s pass_persist option, it allows an external script to provide responses for all GET and GETNEXT requires under a configured base OID.

Currently zenoss-snmp-module provides support for the provided ZENOSS-PROCESS- MIB. See the following snmptranslate command for what the MIB provides:

$ snmptranslate -Tp ZENOSS-PROCESS-MIB::zenossProcessMIB
   |  |
   |  +--zenSystemEntry(1)
   |     |  Index: zenSystemName
   |     |
   |     +-- -R-- String    zenSystemName(1)
   |              Textual Convention: DisplayString
   |              Size: 0..255
   |  |
   |  +--zenProcessEntry(1)
   |     |  Index: zenSystemName, zenProcessName
   |     |
   |     +-- -R-- String    zenProcessName(1)
   |              Textual Convention: DisplayString
   |              Size: 0..255
         |  Index: zenSystemName, zenProcessName, zenProcessMetricName
         +-- -R-- String    zenProcessMetricName(1)
         |        Textual Convention: DisplayString
         |        Size: 0..255
         +-- -R-- String    zenProcessMetricValue(2)
         |        Textual Convention: DisplayString
         |        Size: 0..255
         +-- -R-- String    zenProcessMetricCyclesSinceUpdate(3)
                  Textual Convention: DisplayString
                  Size: 0..255

$ snmpwalk -v2c -c public localhost ZENOSS-PROCESS-MIB::zenossProcessMIB
ZENOSS-PROCESS-MIB::zenSystemName."localhost" = STRING: localhost
ZENOSS-PROCESS-MIB::zenProcessName."localhost"."zenhub" = STRING: zenhub
ZENOSS-PROCESS-MIB::zenProcessName."localhost"."zenwebtx" = STRING: zenwebtx
ZENOSS-PROCESS-MIB::zenProcessName."localhost"."zencommand" = STRING: zencommand
ZENOSS-PROCESS-MIB::zenProcessMetricName."localhost"."zenhub"."services" = STRING: services
ZENOSS-PROCESS-MIB::zenProcessMetricName."localhost"."zenhub"."totalTime" = STRING: totalTime
ZENOSS-PROCESS-MIB::zenProcessMetricName."localhost"."zenhub"."totalEvents" = STRING: totalEvents
ZENOSS-PROCESS-MIB::zenProcessMetricName."localhost"."zenhub"."invalidations" = STRING: invalidations
ZENOSS-PROCESS-MIB::zenProcessMetricName."localhost"."zenhub"."totalCallTime" = STRING: totalCallTime
ZENOSS-PROCESS-MIB::zenProcessMetricName."localhost"."zenhub"."workListLength" = STRING: workListLength
ZENOSS-PROCESS-MIB::zenProcessMetricName."localhost"."zenwebtx"."devices" = STRING: devices
ZENOSS-PROCESS-MIB::zenProcessMetricName."localhost"."zenwebtx"."dataPoints" = STRING: dataPoints
ZENOSS-PROCESS-MIB::zenProcessMetricName."localhost"."zenwebtx"."eventCount" = STRING: eventCount
ZENOSS-PROCESS-MIB::zenProcessMetricName."localhost"."zenwebtx"."cyclePoints" = STRING: cyclePoints
ZENOSS-PROCESS-MIB::zenProcessMetricName."localhost"."zenwebtx"."queuedTasks" = STRING: queuedTasks
ZENOSS-PROCESS-MIB::zenProcessMetricName."localhost"."zenwebtx"."runningTasks" = STRING: runningTasks
ZENOSS-PROCESS-MIB::zenProcessMetricName."localhost"."zenwebtx"."eventQueueLength" = STRING: eventQueueLength
ZENOSS-PROCESS-MIB::zenProcessMetricName."localhost"."zencommand"."eventQueueLength" = STRING: eventQueueLength
ZENOSS-PROCESS-MIB::zenProcessMetricValue."localhost"."zenwebtx"."devices" = STRING: 0.0
ZENOSS-PROCESS-MIB::zenProcessMetricValue."localhost"."zenwebtx"."dataPoints" = STRING: 0.0
ZENOSS-PROCESS-MIB::zenProcessMetricValue."localhost"."zenwebtx"."eventCount" = STRING: 0.0
ZENOSS-PROCESS-MIB::zenProcessMetricValue."localhost"."zenwebtx"."cyclePoints" = STRING: 0.0
ZENOSS-PROCESS-MIB::zenProcessMetricValue."localhost"."zenwebtx"."queuedTasks" = STRING: 0.0
ZENOSS-PROCESS-MIB::zenProcessMetricValue."localhost"."zenwebtx"."runningTasks" = STRING: 0.0
ZENOSS-PROCESS-MIB::zenProcessMetricValue."localhost"."zenwebtx"."eventQueueLength" = STRING: 0.0
ZENOSS-PROCESS-MIB::zenProcessMetricCyclesSinceUpdate."localhost"."zenhub"."services" = STRING: 2.35
ZENOSS-PROCESS-MIB::zenProcessMetricCyclesSinceUpdate."localhost"."zenhub"."totalTime" = STRING: 2.35
ZENOSS-PROCESS-MIB::zenProcessMetricCyclesSinceUpdate."localhost"."zenhub"."totalEvents" = STRING: 2.35
ZENOSS-PROCESS-MIB::zenProcessMetricCyclesSinceUpdate."localhost"."zenhub"."invalidations" = STRING: 2.35
ZENOSS-PROCESS-MIB::zenProcessMetricCyclesSinceUpdate."localhost"."zenhub"."totalCallTime" = STRING: 2.35
ZENOSS-PROCESS-MIB::zenProcessMetricCyclesSinceUpdate."localhost"."zenhub"."workListLength" = STRING: 2.35
ZENOSS-PROCESS-MIB::zenProcessMetricCyclesSinceUpdate."localhost"."zenwebtx"."devices" = STRING: 0.48
ZENOSS-PROCESS-MIB::zenProcessMetricCyclesSinceUpdate."localhost"."zenwebtx"."dataPoints" = STRING: 0.48
ZENOSS-PROCESS-MIB::zenProcessMetricCyclesSinceUpdate."localhost"."zenwebtx"."eventCount" = STRING: 0.48
ZENOSS-PROCESS-MIB::zenProcessMetricCyclesSinceUpdate."localhost"."zenwebtx"."cyclePoints" = STRING: 0.48
ZENOSS-PROCESS-MIB::zenProcessMetricCyclesSinceUpdate."localhost"."zenwebtx"."queuedTasks" = STRING: 0.48
ZENOSS-PROCESS-MIB::zenProcessMetricCyclesSinceUpdate."localhost"."zenwebtx"."runningTasks" = STRING: 0.48
ZENOSS-PROCESS-MIB::zenProcessMetricCyclesSinceUpdate."localhost"."zenwebtx"."eventQueueLength" = STRING: 0.45
ZENOSS-PROCESS-MIB::zenProcessMetricCyclesSinceUpdate."localhost"."zencommand"."eventQueueLength" = STRING: 0.12


To install zenoss-snmp-module you must run the following command:

sudo easy_install -U zenoss-snmp-module

Once installed, the zenoss-snmp-module script provides built-in support for helping you configure it. See the following command examples for installing the associated MIB and configuring snmpd:

zenoss-snmp-module --mib | sudo tee /usr/share/snmp/mibs/ZENOSS-PROCESS-MIB.txt

# Add pass_persist line to snmpd.conf.
zenoss-snmp-module --snmpd | sudo tee -a /etc/snmp/snmpd.conf

# Restart snmpd service.
sudo service snmpd restart

After changing snmpd.conf you must restart the snmpd service. Then you should be able to test with the following command:

# Walk the entire zenossProcessMIB.
snmpwalk -mALL -v2c -c public localhost zenossProcessMIB

Try snmpwalk commands like the following to get more specific results:

# Only show metric values for the zenwebtx proces on the localhost collector.
snmpwalk -mALL -v2c -c public localhost 'zenProcessMetricValue."localhost"."zenwebtx"'

# Show how many cycles it's been since each metric was updated.
snmpwalk -mALL -v2c -c public localhost 'zenProcessMetricCyclesSinceUpdate."localhost"'

You will need to know the OIDs for these values to poll them with Zenoss. Use a command like the following to discover the OID for a given value. Note that because these OIDs are just encoded system, process and metric names, they will return the expected data from any system and can be considered permanent:

# Translate from name to OID.
snmptranslate -On 'ZENOSS-PROCESS-MIB::zenProcessMetricValue."localhost"."zenwebtx"."queuedTasks"'


Normally zenoss-snmp-module is run from within snmpd. This makes it difficult to troubleshoot problems. To test the script outside of snmpd, you can run zenoss-snmp-module as root. If things are working properly, this will appear to do nothing.

See the following session as an example:

# zenoss-snmp-module
{'': {'type': 'STRING',
                                               'value': 'localhost'},
... snipped ...

It can also be useful to stop the snmpd service and run it in the foreground with just the useful debugging enabled:

sudo service snmpd stop
sudo snmpd -fV -Lo -Ducd-snmp/pass_persist -Doutput

Be sure to start the snmpd service once you’re done testing.

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