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A pure Python client library for the IBM Z HMC Web Services API.

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zhmcclient - A pure Python client library for the IBM Z HMC Web Services API

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The zhmcclient package is a client library written in pure Python that interacts with the Web Services API of the Hardware Management Console (HMC) of IBM Z or LinuxONE machines. The goal of this package is to make the HMC Web Services API easily consumable for Python programmers.

The HMC Web Services API is the access point for any external tools to manage the IBM Z or LinuxONE platform. It supports management of the lifecycle and configuration of various platform resources, such as partitions, CPU, memory, virtual switches, I/O adapters, and more.

The zhmcclient package encapsulates both protocols supported by the HMC Web Services API:

  • REST over HTTPS for request/response-style operations driven by the client. Most of these operations complete synchronously, but some long-running tasks complete asynchronously.

  • JMS (Java Messaging Services) for notifications from the HMC to the client. This can be used to be notified about changes in the system, or about completion of asynchronous tasks started using REST.


The quick way:

$ pip install zhmcclient

For more details, see the Installation section in the documentation.


The following example code lists the partitions on CPCs in DPM mode that are accessible for the user:

#!/usr/bin/env python

import zhmcclient
import requests.packages.urllib3

# Set these variables for your environment:
host = "<IP address or hostname of the HMC>"
userid = "<userid on that HMC>"
password = "<password of that HMC userid>"
verify_cert = False

session = zhmcclient.Session(host, userid, password, verify_cert=verify_cert)
client = zhmcclient.Client(session)
console = client.consoles.console

partitions = console.list_permitted_partitions()
for part in partitions:
    cpc = part.manager.parent
    print("{} {}".format(,

Possible output when running the script:

P000S67B PART1
P000S67B PART2
P0000M96 PART1

Documentation and Change Log

For the latest released version on PyPI:

zhmc CLI

Before version 0.18.0 of the zhmcclient package, it contained the zhmc CLI. Starting with zhmcclient version 0.18.0, the zhmc CLI has been moved from this project into the new zhmccli project.

If your project uses the zhmc CLI, and you are upgrading the zhmcclient package from before 0.18.0 to 0.18.0 or later, your project will need to add the zhmccli package to its dependencies.


For information on how to contribute to this project, see the Development section in the documentation.


The zhmcclient package is licensed under the Apache 2.0 License.

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