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API Documentation and Component Inspection for Zope 3

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This Zope 3 package provides fully dynamic API documentation of Zope 3 and registered add-on components. The package is very extensible and can be easily extended by implementing new modules.

Documentation is available at


5.0 (2023-07-06)

  • Drop support for Python 2.7, 3.5, 3.6.

  • Add support for Python 3.11.

4.3.0 (2021-12-15)

  • Add support for Python 3.8, 3.9 and 3.10.

  • Drop support for Python 3.4.

4.2.0 (2018-08-21)

  • Add support for Python 3.7.

  • The root Code documentation node no longer allows incidental traversal and documentation of unregistered root modules such as re and logging (builtins is special cased). These were not listed in the tables of contents or menus, and mostly served to slow down static exports. To document a root module, explicitly include it in ZCML with <apidoc:rootModule module="MODULE" />. See issue #20.

  • Fix codemodule.Module for modules that have a __file__ of None. This can be the case with namespace packages, especially under Python 3.7. See issue #17.

  • Rendering documentation for a class that has a __doc__ property no longer fails but produces a descriptive message. See issue 16.

  • Host documentation at

  • Add argument to static-apidoc for loading a specific ZCML file. To use this feature, the ZCML file you specify needs to establish a working Zope 3 publication environment. The easiest way to do so is to include this line in the ZCML: <include package='' file='static.zcml' condition='have static-apidoc' />. See PR #13.

  • Class Finder entries in live apidoc are now displayed on separate lines, like in static exports. See PR #14.

  • Class Finder search in static exports will search on Enter, not just when clicking “Find”. See PR #15.

  • files are no longer imported by the code documentation module. See issue #22.

  • Cython functions registered as adapters on Python 2 no longer break page generation with an AttributeError. See issue 25.

  • Static exports no longer highlight lines in ZCML files. See issue #24.

4.0.0 (2017-05-25)

  • Add support for Python 3.4, 3.5, 3.6 and PyPy.

  • The long-deprecated layer configuration was removed. It was only ever available if the deprecatedlayers ZCML feature was installed.

  • Modernize some of the templates. can now be used with Chameleon 3.2 via and z3c.ptcompat.

  • Declared install dependency on

  • Docstrings are treated as UTF-8 on Python 2.

  • Handle keyword only arguments and annotations in function signatures on Python 3.

  • Change the default documentation format to restructuredtext for modules that do not specify a __docformat__. Previously it was structuredtext (STX).

3.7.5 (2010-09-12)

  • Define __file__ in doctests to make them pass under Python 2.4.

3.7.4 (2010-09-01)

  • Prefer the standard library’s doctest module to the one from zope.testing.

  • Remove unneeded dependencies and

3.7.3 (2010-07-14)

  • Apply refactoring from #153309.

  • Fix LP bug 605057: ZCML links were no longer working (Guilherme Salgado)

3.7.2 (2010-03-07)

  • Adapted tests for Python2.4

3.7.1 (2010-01-05)

  • Updated tests to work with zope.publisher 3.12 (using zope.login).

3.7.0 (2009-12-22)

  • Updated tests to work with latest zope.testing and use zope.browserpage in favor of

3.6.8 (2009-11-18)

  • Updated the tests after moving IPossibleSite and ISite to zope.component.

3.6.7 (2009-09-29)

  • Updated the tests after moving ITraverser back to zope.traversing.

3.6.6 (2009-09-15)

  • Made the tests work again with the most recent Zope Toolkit KGS.

3.6.5 (2009-07-24)

  • Update documentation file in from README.txt to site.txt.

3.6.4 (2009-07-23)

  • The IContained interface moved to zope.location.interfaces. Make a test pass.

3.6.3 (2009-05-16)

  • Explicitly defined default views.

  • Replace relative url links with absolute ones.

  • Added z3c packages to the code browser.

  • Made bin/static-apidoc principally working (publisher and webserver mode). There are still some files which are not correctly fetched.

3.6.2 (2009-03-17)

  • Adapt principal registry book chapter to a new place, as it was moved from to zope.principalregistry.

  • Remove zcml slugs and old zpkg-related files.

3.6.1 (2009-02-04)

  • When a module provides an interface or has an __all__ attribute, use one of those for the module documentation. Fixes LP #323375.

  • Undid broken link to savepoint.txt caused in 3.6.0. The latest version of the transaction package puts savepoint.txt in the tests subpackage.

  • Expanded the presentation of module documentation.

  • Class documentation now includes constructor information.

3.6.0 (2009-01-31)

  • Use zope.container instead of

  • Use instead of and (in at least a few places).

  • savepoint.txt moved from ZODB’s test directory a level up – we follow.

  • Make compatible with new zope.traversing and zope.location.

3.5.0 (2009-01-17)

  • Adapted transaction book chapters for new transaction egg. The README.txt was removed and savepoint.txt was moved. Also add chapter about dooming transactions (doom.txt).

  • Changed mailing list address to zope-dev at, because zope3-dev is retired now.

  • Cleaned up dependencies.

3.4.3 (2007-11-10)

3.4.2 (2007-10-30)

  • Avoid deprecation warnings for ZopeMessageFactory.

3.4.1 (2007-10-23)

  • Avoid deprecation warnings.

3.4.0 (2007-10-10)

  • Improved package meta-data.

  • Fixed the code to at least gracefully ignore unzipped eggs. Eventually we want to handle eggs well.

3.4.0a1 (2007-04-22)

  • Initial release independent of the main Zope tree.

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