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A collection of tools for zzqq2199

Project description


generates a logger, preformatted with the file name, line number information, differrent levels of color, and can be output in the console and written to a file at the same time.

If you use vscode to view the output log in the editor, ANSI Colors extension is recommended to install.


help generate json file used in chrome://tracing

Release Notes

  • 1.0.2: Fine grained control of different handlers
  • 0.9.9: add __repr__ for zq_cycle
  • 0.9.8: support from zq_tools import logger as well as from zq_tools.zq_logger import default_logger as logger for shorter code
  • 0.9.7: fix setLevel bug in zq_logger; use env value to initilize ZQ_Logger's controlling level
  • 0.9.6: increase version due to keep failing on uploading
  • 0.9.4: fix bug: zq_decorator.time_it(sync)
  • 0.9.3: update zq_decorator:: do_nothing, pass_it, time_it(support sync and self-defined print)
  • 0.9.2: fix bug: .zq_logger to zq_tools.zq_logger
  • 0.9.1: use default_logger instead of print
  • 0.9.0: add decorator and manager: zq_decorator.timeit
  • 0.8.8: add decorator: zq_decorator.do_nothing
  • 0.8.7: add api: zq_tracing.enable_trace, zq_tracing.disable_trace
  • 0.8.6: add api: zq_tracing.record_init, zq_tracing.record_append
  • 0.8.5: add api: zq_tracing.set_start_timestamp
  • 0.8.4: fix bug, add colorful to dependency
  • 0.8.3: add zq_files
  • 0.8.2: support from zq_tools.zq_logger import default_logger as logger
  • 0.8.0: use add_log_file to add a log file to the logger.
  • 0.7.0: re-think the color print logic
  • 0.6.0: rename function: logger.print* --> logger.prank*
  • 0.5.9: set level of print bewteen DEBUG and INFO, add *_root functions
  • 0.5.8: implement __len__ and __iter__ for zq_cycle
  • 0.5.6: add colors for different rank. add filter for zq_logger
  • 0.5.5: disable color by default for print and print_all
  • 0.5.3: zq_logger supports print, print_all, set_rank
  • 0.5.1: move tag to ahead of msg
  • 0.5.0: zq_logger supports color API, add tag
  • 0.4.1: fix bug of zq_cycle
  • 0.4.0: add zq_cycle
  • 0.3.6: default unit of timestamp: us
  • 0.3.5: support manually specifiying tid/pid when calling zq_tracing.record_*
  • 0.3.4: fix bug
  • 0.3.3: add default logger, call zq_logger.get_logger(), return a pre-defined logger
  • 0.3.2: add async record, support nested and ordered tracing events
  • 0.3.1: add install dependencies
  • 0.3.0: output pathname instead of filename, better support for IDE's jumping function


  • add setLogPath()

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