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A Python client for the Agave 3d volume renderer

Project description


A Python client for the AGAVE 3d volume renderer


  • Connects to AGAVE server and sends draw commands. Receives and saves rendered images.

Quick Start

You must have AGAVE installed. On command line, run:

agave --server &

For Linux headless operation, you need to tell the Qt library to use the offscreen platform plugin:

agave -platform offscreen --server &
from agave_pyclient import AgaveRenderer

# 1. connect to the AGAVE server
r = agave_pyclient.AgaveRenderer()
# 2. tell it what data to load
# 3. set some render settings (abbreviated list here)
r.set_resolution(681, 612)
r.background_color(0, 0, 0)
r.set_voxel_scale(0.270833, 0.270833, 0.53)
# 4. give the output a name
# 5. wait for render and then save output


Stable Release: pip install agave_pyclient


For full package documentation please visit


See for information related to developing the code.

The Four Commands You Need To Know

  1. pip install -e .[dev]

    This will install your package in editable mode with all the required development dependencies (i.e. tox).

  2. make build

    This will run tox which will run all your tests in both Python 3.7 and Python 3.8 as well as linting your code.

  3. make clean

    This will clean up various Python and build generated files so that you can ensure that you are working in a clean environment.

  4. make docs

    This will generate and launch a web browser to view the most up-to-date documentation for your Python package.

Allen Institute Software License

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