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Mumble Temp Links plugin for Alliance Auth

Project description

Mumble Temp Links

⚠️ This does nothing on it's own you also need to update your authenticator! To my fork found here. More on that in the setup instructions below!

This Alliance Auth module lets you give temp access to your mumble service with ease.


A user with the create permission crates a link and copy's it to the people who need access, TempLink users will be given the group Guest, mumble ACL's can be setup to restrict access as required. The mumble chat command !kicktemps will purge the mumble server of all temp users, if they still have a valid Templink they will be able to reconect untill it either expires or is removed from the tool. Only members who have thw Kick User permission can use the command.


⚠️This is assuming you already have configured a fully functioning mumbke service.

Auth Plugin

  1. pip install allianceauth-mumbletemps
  2. add 'mumbletemps', to your INSTALLED_APPS in the, i recomend it is at the top for menu ordering.
  3. run migrations
  4. restart auth


Setting Default Description
MUMBLE_TEMPS_FORCE_SSO True Setting this to False will allow users to auth with the non-sso method
MUMBLE_TEMPS_SSO_PREFIX [TEMP] Display Name Prefix for an SSO'd temp user in mumble
MUMBLE_TEMPS_LOGIN_PREFIX [*TEMP] Display Name Prefix for a non-SSO'd temp user in mumble

Mumble Authenticator

to update your mumble authenticator if you git cloned the original repo we will add my branch as a remote and checkout the updated code.

⚠️It is a good idea to backup your authenticator.ini file before starting

  1. cd into the folder you have the authenticator code in.
  2. git status to confirm it is a git repo and the correct place
  3. git remote add upstream to add the remote
  4. git fetch upstream to grab the updates
  5. git checkout upstream/master to roll over to my code
  6. restart your authenticator with supervisor

ℹ️ The authenticator.log should show something like Starting AllianceAuth mumble authenticator V:1.0.0 - TempLinks if you are on the correct branch and version, if not you may still be running the default auth verssion and will need to investigate why. Users will get propted for passwords when they try to connect with a temp link and you are not running this version. the Authenticator version needs to match this version!

If you did not use the git clone method of installing the authenticator, simply copy the contents of my fork found here over the top of your current install, BE SURE TO BACKUP YOUR authenticator.ini BEFORE YOU START!

Auth Login Bypass

To enable people to not have to register on auth, ensure you have fully updated django-esi

  1. edit your projects file:

if should look something like this, if yours is different only add the parts outlined below:

from django.conf.urls import include, url
from allianceauth import urls

urlpatterns = [ 
    url(r'', include(urls)),

handler500 = 'allianceauth.views.Generic500Redirect'
handler404 = 'allianceauth.views.Generic404Redirect'
handler403 = 'allianceauth.views.Generic403Redirect'
handler400 = 'allianceauth.views.Generic400Redirect' 

edit it to add a new import and a new url

from django.conf.urls import include, url
from allianceauth import urls
from mumbletemps.views import link  # *** New Import 

urlpatterns = [
    url(r'^mumbletemps/join/(?P<link_ref>[\w\-]+)/$', link, name='join'),  # *** New URL override BEFORE THE MAIN IMPORT
    url(r'', include(urls)),

handler500 = 'allianceauth.views.Generic500Redirect' 
handler404 = 'allianceauth.views.Generic404Redirect'
handler403 = 'allianceauth.views.Generic403Redirect'
handler400 = 'allianceauth.views.Generic400Redirect' 
  1. restart services and you're done.


Perm Admin Site Auth Site
mumbletemps.create_new_links None Can create and delete Temp Links.


Managemrnt and Creatiom


OPTIONAL Login Screen ( Non SSO mode )


Templink User View


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