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Command-line tool and library to interact with an aria2c daemon process with JSON-RPC.

Project description


Command-line tool and Python library to interact with an aria2c daemon process through JSON-RPC.


aria2p requires Python 3.6 or above.

To install Python 3.6, I recommend using pyenv.
# install pyenv
git clone ~/.pyenv

# setup pyenv (you should also put these two lines in .bashrc or similar)
export PATH="${HOME}/.pyenv/bin:${PATH}"
eval "$(pyenv init -)"

# install Python 3.6
pyenv install 3.6.7

# make it available globally
pyenv global system 3.6.7


With pip:

python3.6 -m pip install aria2p

With pipx:

# install pipx with the recommended method
curl | python3

pipx install --python python3.6 aria2p

Usage (as a library)

This library is still a work in progress. Some things listed here might not be implemented yet.

import aria2p

# initialization, these are the default values
aria2 = aria2p.API(

# list downloads
downloads = aria2.get_downloads()

for download in downloads:
    print(, download.download_speed)
# add downloads
magnet_uri = "magnet:?xt=urn:..."

download = aria2.add_magnet(magnet_uri)

Usage (command-line)

For now, the command-line tool can only call methods using the client. More options directly using the API will come later.

aria2p -m,--method METHOD_NAME [-p,--params PARAMS... | -j,--json-params JSON_STRING]

The METHOD_NAME can be the exact method name, or just the name without the prefix. It is case-insensitive, and dashes and underscores will be removed. The following are all equivalent:

  • aria2.addUri
  • aria2.adduri
  • addUri
  • aria2.ADD-URI
  • add_uri
  • A-d_D-u_R-i (yes it's valid)
  • A---R---I---A---2.a__d__d__u__r__i (I think you got it)
  • and even more ugly forms...

Calling aria2p without any arguments will simply display the list of current downloads:


There is no interactive mode yet, but you can use watch to see how the downloads progress:

watch -d -t -n1 aria2p


List all available methods. This example uses jq.

$ aria2p -m listmethods | jq

List the GIDs (identifiers) of all active downloads. Note that we must give the parameters as a JSON string.

$ aria2p -m tellactive -j '[["gid"]]'
[{"gid": "b686cad55029d4df"}, {"gid": "4b39a1ad8fd94e26"}, {"gid": "9d331cc4b287e5df"}, {"gid": "8c9de0df753a5195"}]

Pause a download using its GID. Note that when a single string argument is required, it can be passed directly with -p.

$ aria2p -m pause -p b686cad55029d4df

Add a download using magnet URIs. This example uses jq -r to remove the quotation marks around the result.

$ aria2p -m adduri -j '[["magnet:?xt=urn:..."]]' | jq -r

Purge download results (remove completed downloads from the list).

$ aria2p -m purge_download_result

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