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Python library for the BME680 temperature, humidity and gas sensor

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The state-of-the-art BME680 breakout lets you measure temperature, pressure, humidity, and indoor air quality.


Full install (recommended):

We've created an easy installation script that will install all pre-requisites and get your BME680 up and running with minimal efforts. To run it, fire up Terminal which you'll find in Menu -> Accessories -> Terminal on your Raspberry Pi desktop, as illustrated below:

Finding the terminal

In the new terminal window type the command exactly as it appears below (check for typos) and follow the on-screen instructions:

curl | bash

Manual install:

Library install for Python 3:

sudo pip3 install bme680

Library install for Python 2:

sudo pip2 install bme680


If you want to contribute, or like living on the edge of your seat by having the latest code, you should clone this repository, cd to the library directory, and run:

sudo python3 install

(or sudo python install whichever your primary Python environment may be)

In all cases you will have to enable the i2c bus.

Documentation & Support



  • New: constants to clarify heater on/off states


  • New: support for BME688 "high" gas resistance variant
  • New: set/get gas heater disable bit
  • Enhancement: fail with descriptive RuntimeError when chip is not detected


  • New: set_temp_offset to calibrate temperature offset in degrees C


  • Fix to range_sw_err for extremely high gas readings
  • Convert to unsigned int to fix negative gas readings


  • Merged temperature compensation fix from Bosch's BME680_driver 3.5.3


  • Fixed set_gas_heater_temperature to avoid i2c TypeError


  • Added Manifest to Python package


  • Initial release

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