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CDK construct library for CloudFront Extensions

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CDK constructs library that allows you to build AWS CloudFront Extensions in JavaScript, TypeScript or Python.


# Example automatically generated from non-compiling source. May contain errors.
import * as cfplus from 'cdk-cloudfront-plus';

const app = new cdk.App();

const stack = new cdk.Stack(app, 'demo-stack');

// prepare the `modify resonse header` extension
const modifyRespHeader = new extensions.ModifyResponseHeader(stack, 'ModifyResp');

// prepare the `anti-hotlinking` extension
const antiHotlinking = new extensions.AntiHotlinking(stack, 'AntiHotlink', {
  referer: [

// create the cloudfront distribution with extension(s)
new Distribution(stack, 'dist', {
  defaultBehavior: {
    origin: new origins.HttpOrigin(''),
    edgeLambdas: [

Available Extensions in AWS CDK

Extension Name Category Solution ID Function/Folder Name Status Contributor
Access Origin by geolocation Origin Selection SO8118 cf-access-origin-by-geolocation Completed @pahud PR#52
Redirect by geolocation Origin Selection SO8135 cf-redirect-by-geolocation Completed @minche-tsai PR#50
Convert Query String Override Request SO8113 cf-convert-query-string Completed @HsiehShuJeng PR#53
OAuth2 Authentication Authentication SO8131 cf-authentication-by-oauth2 Completed @dwchiang PR#59
Cognito Redirect Authentication SO8132 cf-authentication-by-cognito-redirect WIP(BabooPan) -
Global Data Ingestion Logging SO8133 cf-global-data-ingestion Completed @titanjer PR#62
HTTP 302 from Origin URL Redirect SO8103 cf-http302-from-origin Completed @RicoToothless PR#71
Default Directory Index for Amazon S3 Origin URL Redirect SO8134 cf-default-dir-index Completed @guan840912 PR#21
Modify Response Header Header Rewrite SO8105 cf-modify-response-header Completed @pahud PR#45
Custom Error Page Header Rewrite SO8136 cf-custom-error-page Completed @BabooPan PR#46
Anti Hotlinking Security SO8126 cf-anti-hotlinking Completed @pahud PR#2
Add Security Headers Security SO8102 cf-add-security-headers Completed @pahud PR#7
Failover to alternative origin Origin Selection SO8120 cf-multiple-origin-ip-retry Completed @guan840912 PR#58
Normalize Query String Override Request SO8112 cf-normalize-query-string Completed @benkajaja PR#64

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