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A widget package for Dexterity projects.

Project description


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Life, the Universe, and Everything

A widget package for Dexterity projects.

.. Warning::
This package will no longer be actively maintained.
Take a look at ``_ for an alternative set of widgets.

collective.z3cform.widgets provides the following widgets:

This widget is an ajaxified version of the TextLinesFieldWidget that will
allow creation, sort, update and deletion of text lines; degrades to
<textarea> if JavaScript is not enabled.

.. image::
:align: center
:height: 143px
:width: 600px

This widget uses the `jQuery TaskPlease`_ plugin.

TokenInputFieldWidget allows your users to select multiple items from
portal Subjects list , using autocompletion as they type to find each
item. You may have seen a similar type of text entry when filling in the
recipients field sending messages on `Facebook`_. This widget will degrade
to <textarea> if JavaScript is not enabled.

.. image::
:align: center
:height: 110px
:width: 600px

This widget uses the `jQuery Tokeninput`_ plugin.

If you install collective.z3cform.widgets in a Plone site it will replace
every ICategorization subjects field's widget of any Dexterity-based
content type with this one.

A widget to add a dynamic list of objects. This works as a widget for
related items field so it must be used like this:

.. code-block::

relatedItems = RelationList(
title=_(u'label_related_items', default=u'Related Items'),

The parameters passed to the ObjPathSourceBinder class are used to filter
the search of elements to relate to. If no parameters are passed, a tree
structure is shown in the widget.

A lightweight and unbloated Rich Text Editor (RTE / WYSIWYG). These
parameters can be configured::

'iframe_height': height in pixels,
'format_block': 'true' or 'false',
'bold': 'true' or 'false',
'italic': 'true' or 'false',
'unordered_list': 'true' or 'false',
'link': 'true' or 'false',
'image': 'true' or 'false',
'allow_disable': 'true' or 'false'

This widget uses the `jQuery RTE`_ plugin.

Mostly Harmless

.. image::

.. image::

.. image::

Got an idea? Found a bug? Let us know by `opening a support ticket`_.

Don't Panic


To enable this product in a buildout-based installation:

1. Edit your buildout.cfg and add ``collective.z3cform.widgets`` to the list
of eggs to install::

eggs =

After updating the configuration you need to run ''bin/buildout'', which will
take care of updating your system.

Go to the 'Site Setup' page in a Plone site and click on the 'Add-ons' link.

Check the box next to ``collective.z3cform.widgets`` and click the 'Activate'

Note: You may have to empty your browser cache and save your resource
registries in order to see the effects of the product installation.

New fields

To use this widget we must use a List field or a Tuple field with the
value_type as an schema.TextLine() like this::

.. code-block::

from collective.z3cform.widgets.enhancedtextlines import EnhancedTextLinesFieldWidget

form.widget(options = EnhancedTextLinesFieldWidget)
options = schema.Tuple(

To use this Widget we must use a List field or a Tuple field with the
value_type as a schema.TextLine() like this::

.. code-block::

from collective.z3cform.widgets.token_input_widget import TokenInputFieldWidget

subjects = schema.List(

The parameters passed to the ObjPathSourceBinder class are used to filter
the search of elements to relate to.. if none parameter are passed, a tree
structure is shown in the widget::

.. code-block::

from collective.z3cform.widgets.multicontent_search_widget import MultiContentSearchFieldWidget

relatedItems = RelationList(
title=_(u"Related Items"),


Override existing fields


Future widgets

The following widgets will be available in this package in the near future:

- widget to select an option from a list; this widget will degrade to <select>
if JavaScript is not enabled.

- widget to select multiple options from a list; this widget will degrade to
<select> if JavaScript is not enabled.

This widgets will probably use the `Chosen`_ plugin.

Browsers supported

All modern browsers should be supported (Mozilla Firefox 3.0+, Google Chrome
7.0+, Apple Safari 4.0+, Opera 10.0+ and Microsoft Internet Explorer 9.0+).

See also

Not entirely unlike

Version of DataGridField for use with Dexterity / z3c.form.

A revamp of Plone widgets, it does this by overriding the widgets of some
of the fields in Plone.

.. _`jQuery TaskPlease`:
.. _`jQuery Tokeninput`:
.. _`Chosen`:
.. _`Facebook`:
.. _`opening a support ticket`:
.. _`eea.tags`:
.. _`jQuery RTE`:
.. _`collective.z3cform.datagridfield`:
.. _``:

Share and Enjoy

``collective.z3cform.widgets`` would not have been possible without the
contribution of the following people:

- Franco Pellegrini
- Gonzalo Almeida
- Silvestre Huens
- Héctor Velarde
- Cleber J. Santos
- João S. O. Bueno
- Juan Pablo Giménez

You can find an updated list of package contributors on `GitHub`_.

Development sponsored by Open Multimedia.

.. _`GitHub`:


There's a frood who really knows where his towel is.

1.0rc1 (2015-07-29)

- Fix JS to be jQuery 1.9 compat

- Make CSS resources render as <link />

- Add French translations.

- Fix i18n.

1.0b11 (2014-11-27)

- Rename ``formwidget_autocomplete_new_value`` function in
``related.js`` to ``related_widget_new_value``. Has been just copied from

- remove zope.i18n from package dependencies in order to avoid
conflicting zcml with between zope.i18n and Zope2 Publihser

- Fix package dependencies.

1.0b10 (2014-10-08)

- Remove dependency on unittest2 (test run under Python 2.7 only).

- Remove dependency on Pillow. [hvelarde]

- Drop support for Plone 4.1. [hvelarde]

- Install plone.formwidget.contenttree resources to avoid duplication of
related items field (fixes `#69 in collective.nitf`_). [jpgimenez]

- Make TokenInputFieldWidget be case-insensitive when suggesting Keywords

1.0b9 (2013-05-02)

- Fixed problem Multicontent (type checkbox gets set to radio). [Kosi81]

1.0b8 (2013-04-24)

- Rename upgrade step profile. Never, ever name a profile with a number as
first character and never, ever work for 3 weeks in a row. [hvelarde]

1.0b7 (2013-04-19)

- Refactor JSON view to access the catalog only when there's a query and limit
the number of tokens returned to 10 (fixes `#32`_). [hvelarde]

- TokenInputFieldWidget now use ajax to bring the subjects. [flecox]

- Refactor method used in upgrade step to increase its performance: we
recatalog only offending objects and update only the Subjects index.

- Trim Subjects in TokenInputFieldWidget; an upgrade step for updating all
offending objects in the catalog is included (fixes `#33`_). [flecox]

- Fixed IE8 problem with 2 simultantious checked radio buttons. [Kosi81]

1.0b6 (2013-04-09)

- Update package documentation. [hvelarde, jpgimenez]

- TokenInputFieldWidget now replaces subjects widget for any Dexterity-based
content types on the site, but only if the package is installed. [jpgimenez]

- Tested for compatibility with Dexterity 2.0 and Plone 4.3. [hvelarde]

- Plone 4.1 is no longer supported (closes `#25`_). [hvelarde]

1.0b5 (2013-03-25)

- Remove dependency on zope.i18n as it is causing ConfigurationConflictError
(issue `#28`_).

1.0b4 (2013-03-23)

- Fix package dependencies to be Plone 4.3 compatible. [hvelarde]

- Fix the rendered URLs of related items in the MultiContentSearchWidget in
display_mode to be actual URLs, not the physical path inside Zope.

1.0b3 (2013-01-14)

- Refactoring of the SimpleRichTextWidget to make it work in an AJAX call.

- Do not mix unicode and strings in TokenInputWiget editing (fixes `#20`_).

- Checking if contenttree js code should be run or not. [Flecox]

- Test compatibility with Plone 4.3. [hvelarde]

- Add Pillow as a dependency of the package. [hvelarde]

- Import ViewPageTemplateFile from zope.browserpage to avoid dependency on

1.0b2 (2012-09-27)

- New field and widget included which uses the rte-light editor [frapell]

1.0b1 (2012-09-16)

- Added Dutch translation. [kingel]

- Correction in tasks layout. [quimera]

- Spinners for the related widget so you know is working. [frapell]

1.0a4 (2012-09-04)

- Spanish translation was updated; Brazilian Portuguese translation was
added. [hvelarde]

- Resources are only loaded for logged in users. [quimera]

- Ordered search catalog in MultiContentSearchFieldWidget. [flecox]

- Infinite Scroll in MultiContentSearchFieldWidget (fixes `#10`_). [flecox]

- Fix bug when searching with no results in MultiContentSearchFieldWidget.

- Updating taskplease library in EnhancedTextLinesFieldWidget (fixes `#13`_).

1.0a3 (2012-06-15)

- Updated package documentation. [hvelarde]

- Fixing style in EnhancedTextLinesFieldWidget and TokenInputFieldWidget.

- TasksWidget was renamed to EnhancedTextLinesFieldWidget (fixes `#7`_).

- Changing the name of RelatedContentWidget to MultiContentSearchFieldWidget.

1.0a2 (2012-05-18)

- Updated package documentation. [hvelarde]

- Changing the name of KeywordWidget to a better name TokenInputFieldWidget.

- Now you can add a token just by pressing Enter. [flecox]

1.0a1 (2012-05-04)

- Initial release.

.. _`#7`:
.. _`#10`:
.. _`#13`:
.. _`#20`:
.. _`#25`:
.. _`#28`:
.. _`#32`:
.. _`#33`:
.. _`#69 in collective.nitf`:

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