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Algorithms and data structures for my Python projects

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Algorithms and data structures for my Python projects.

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Interval tree

Interval tree is a data structure for holding intervals and to allow efficiently find intervals that overlap with given interval or point. Read more on Wikipedia.

Implementation note

This implementation uses half-open intervals, where begin coordinate is excluded. Half-open intervals are used in e.g. BED genomic format.

The current implementation needs to rebuild the tree after each insert, hence the tree is not efficient for using in read/write fashion.


  • implement your custom interval object while extending Interval. Two properties need to be overwritten:
    • begin - 0-based (excluded) begin coordinate of the interval
    • end - 0-based (included) end coordinate of the interval
      from ddalg.model import Interval
      class YourInterval(Interval):
        def __init__(self, begin: int, end: int):
          self._begin = begin
          self._end = end
          # anything else
        def begin(self):
          return self._begin
        def end(self):
          return self._end
  • create a collection of your intervals and store them in the interval tree:
    from ddalg.itree import IntervalTree
    itree = IntervalTree([YourInterval(0, 3), YourInterval(1, 4)])
    # ... 
  • query itree:
    • using 1-based position:

      returns (0,3)

    • using half-open interval coordinates:
      itree.get_overlaps(0, 1) 

      returns (0,3), effectively the same query as above

    • for intervals with minimal required coverage
      itree.fuzzy_query(0, 1, coverage=.90)

      return intervals with >=.9 overlap with respect to query coordinates

    • for intervals with minimal jaccard index
      itree.jaccard_query(0, 1, min_jaccard=.90)

      return intervals having jaccard_index>=.9 with respect to query coordinates

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