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devpi-web: a web view for devpi-server

Project description

devpi-web: web interface plugin for devpi-server

This plugin adds a web interface with search for devpi-server.

See for quickstart and more documentation.


devpi-web needs to be installed alongside devpi-server.

You can install it with:

pip install devpi-web

There is no configuration needed as devpi-server will automatically discover the plugin through calling hooks using the setuptools entry points mechanism.


If you find a bug, use the issue tracker at Github.

For general questions use GitHub Discussions or the mailing list.

For support contracts and paid help contact mail at


4.2.1 (2023-07-02)

Bug Fixes

  • Fix #953: Exception when browsers send ETag for documentation pages.

  • Fix #980: Remove long deprecated backward compatibility for old pluggy versions to fix error with pluggy 1.1.0.

4.2.0 (2022-12-05)


  • Set ETag header to the doczip hash and max-age to 60 seconds for all documentation files.

  • Add --keep-docs-packed option.

Bug Fixes

  • common.js, Fix #823: Remove moment.js and update jquery to 3.6.0.

  • common.js: Fix #764: Jumping to anchors with whitespace in documentation now works.

  •, docview.js, style.css: Fix #764: Rewrote setting height of documentation iframe which also fixes scrolling to anchors generated by JavaScript.

  • Fix project names from mirrors with devpi-server >= 6.8.0.

  • Fix exception in not found page of project URLs.

  •, Fix anchor generation for toxresults URLs.

4.1.1 (2022-09-28)

Bug Fixes

  • Generalize GET redirect from URLs with trailing slash to ones without for consistency.

4.1.0 (2022-08-16)


  • Support original project names for mirrors with devpi-server 6.6.0.

  • Fix #601: add refresh button to project page.

  • add navigation links to original project page for mirrors and to “Simple page” of projects.

Bug Fixes

  • Fix #880: explicitly register views for GET method, so there is a 404 on POSTs, like when using twine with wrong upload url.

  • Fix #867: AttributeError during devpi-import and maybe other commands.

4.0.8 (2021-08-12)

Bug Fixes

  • On startup loop over mirror indexes last to avoid filling up the indexing queue, which processes non mirror indexes first.

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