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A Django app to facilitate email links

Project description


django-hashphrase is a django module that facilitates the process that
users click on a link in an email and django handles the click.
Hashlink makes it easy to generate such a link, authenticate it or not,
calls a custom function or not, etc.

Quick start

1. Add "hashphrase" to your INSTALLED_APPS setting like this::


2. Include the hashphrase URLconf in your project like this::

url(r'^hl/', include('hashphrase.urls')),

3. Also put this at the end of your like this::

from hashphrase import hashphraseviews_autodiscover
hashphraseviews_autodiscover() #autodiscover in apps

3. To generate a link::

from hashphrase import generate_hashphrase

from django.contrib.auth.models import User
any_object = User.objects.get(id=1)

import datetime
action = 'my_click_handler'
hash_phrase = generate_hashphrase(request.user, any_object,, action=action)

# Then generate for example ""+hash_phrase+"/"
# that lick will call the "registered" function

4. To register a function, create a file called and put the function in it.::

from hashphrase import hashphrase_register
@hashphrase_register('my_click_handler') #name must match action when creating the link
def test_success(request, has_error, error_code, hash_link, content_obj):
use hashphrase_register decorator to register this function to be called when
users click on the email link.
be sure to check has_error. If not verified, has_error = True
See HashLink class for error code definition
if has_error or not hash_link or not content_obj:
from hashphrase import HashLink
ret = "Invalid email link."
if error_code == HashLink.ERR_EXPIRED:
ret = "Link expired."
elif error_code == HashLink.ERR_INVALID_USER:
ret = "Needs to login."
elif error_code == HashLink.ERR_INVALID_LINK:
ret = "Invalid link."
return HttpResponse(ret)
return HttpResponse("Successful.")

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