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Postgres Broker for Dramatiq Task Queue

Project description


Dramatiq is a simple task queue implementation for Python3. dramatiq-pg provides a Postgres-based implementation of a dramatiq broker.


  • Super simple deployment: Single table, no ORM.
  • Stores message payload and results as native JSONb.
  • Uses LISTEN/NOTIFY to keep worker sync. No polling.
  • Implements delayed task.
  • Reliable thanks to Postgres MVCC.
  • Self-healing: automatic purge of old messages. Automatic recovery after crash.
  • Utility CLI for maintainance: flush, purge, stats, etc.

Note that dramatiq assumes tasks are idempotent. This broker makes the same assumptions for recovering after a crash.


  • Install dramatiq-pg package from PyPI:
    $ pip install dramatiq-pg psycopg2-binary
    Ensure you have either psycopg2 or psycopg2-binary installed.
  • Init database schema with init command.
    $ dramatiq-pg init
    Or adapt dramatiq-pg/schema.sql to your needs.
  • Before importing actors, define global broker with a connection pool:
    import dramatiq
    import psycopg2.pool
    from dramatiq_pg import PostgresBroker
    def myactor():

Now declare/import actors and manage worker just like any dramatiq setup. An example script is available, tested on CI.

The CLI tool dramatiq-pg allows you to requeue messages, purge old messages and show stats on the queue. See --help for details.

Dramatiq-pg documentation is hosted on GitLab and give you more details on deployment and operation of Postgres as a Dramatiq broker.


Django : Use django-dramatiq-pg by Curtis Maloney. It includes configuration, ORM model and database migration.


If you encounter a bug or miss a feature, please open an issue on GitLab with as much information as possible.

dramatiq_pg is available under the PostgreSQL licence.


Thanks to all contributors :

  • Andy Freeland
  • Curtis Maloney, Django support.
  • Federico Caselli, bugfixes.
  • Giuseppe Papallo, bugfixes.
  • Rafal Kwasny, improvements.

The logo is a creation of Damien CAZEILS

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