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A Python package to create/manipulate DXF drawings.

Project description



A Python package to create and modify DXF drawings, independent of the DXF version. You can open/save every DXF file without losing any content (except comments), Unknown tags in the DXF file will be ignored but preserved for saving. With this behavior it is possible to open also DXF drawings that contains data from 3rd party applications.


  • ezdxf is a Python package to create new DXF files and read/modify/write existing DXF files
  • the intended audience are developers
  • requires at least Python 3.6
  • OS independent
  • tested with CPython and pypy3
  • C-extensions for CPython as binary wheels available on PyPI for Windows, Linux and macOS
  • additional required packages: pyparsing
  • optional Cython implementation of some low level math classes
  • MIT-License
  • read/write/new support for DXF versions: R12, R2000, R2004, R2007, R2010, R2013 and R2018
  • additional read support for DXF versions R13/R14 (upgraded to R2000)
  • additional read support for older DXF versions than R12 (upgraded to R12)
  • read/write support for ASCII DXF and Binary DXF
  • preserves third-party DXF content

Included Extensions

  • The drawing add-on is a translation layer to send DXF data to a render backend, interfaces to matplotlib, which can export images as png, pdf or svg, and PyQt5 are implemented.
  • geo add-on to support the __geo_interface__
  • r12writer add-on to write basic DXF entities direct and fast into a DXF R12 file or stream
  • iterdxf add-on to iterate over DXF entities of the modelspace of really big (> 5GB) DXF files which do not fit into memory
  • Importer add-on to import entities, blocks and table entries from another DXF document
  • dxf2code add-on to generate Python code for DXF structures loaded from DXF documents as starting point for parametric DXF entity creation
  • Plot Style Files (CTB/STB) read/write add-on

A simple example:

import ezdxf

# Create a new DXF document.
doc ='R2010')

# Create new table entries (layers, linetypes, text styles, ...).'TEXTLAYER', dxfattribs={'color': 2})

# DXF entities (LINE, TEXT, ...) reside in a layout (modelspace, 
# paperspace layout or block definition).  
msp = doc.modelspace()

# Add entities to a layout by factory methods: layout.add_...() 
msp.add_line((0, 0), (10, 0), dxfattribs={'color': 7})
        'layer': 'TEXTLAYER'
    }).set_pos((0, 0.2), align='CENTER')

# Save DXF document.

Example for the r12writer, which writes a simple DXF R12 file without in-memory structures:

from random import random
from ezdxf.addons import r12writer

MAX_X_COORD = 1000
MAX_Y_COORD = 1000

with r12writer("many_circles.dxf") as doc:
    for _ in range(100000):
        doc.add_circle((MAX_X_COORD*random(), MAX_Y_COORD*random()), radius=2)

The r12writer supports only the ENTITIES section of a DXF R12 drawing, no HEADER, TABLES or BLOCKS section is present, except FIXED-TABLES are written, than some additional predefined text styles and line types are available.


Install with pip including the optional C-extensions from PyPI as binary wheels:

pip install ezdxf

Install from source code. To build the optional C-extensions the Cython package, and a working C++ compiler setup is required:

python install

Install the latest development version with pip from GitHub:

pip install git+

Dependencies in Detail

The pyparsing package is the only hard dependency and will be installed automatically by pip!

  • INSTALL from PyPI including C-extensions: pyparsing (most common case)
  • INSTALL from PyPI for usage of the drawing add-on: pyparsing, matplotlib, pyqt5
  • INSTALL from source code without C-extensions: setuptools, pyparsing
  • INSTALL from source code including C-extensions: setuptools, pyparsing, Cython, and a working C++ compiler setup
  • TESTING requires the additional packages: pytest, geomdl
  • BUILD packages from source code without C-extensions: setuptools, wheel
  • BUILD packages from source code including C-extensions: setuptools, wheel, Cython, and a working C++ compiler setup

Install all optional packages:

pip install setuptools wheel cython pytest geomdl matplotlib pyqt5

Windows users who want to compile the C-extensions from source code need the build tools from Microsoft:

Download and install the required Visual Studio Installer of the community edition and choose the option: Visual Studio Build Tools 20..



Documentation of development version at

Documentation of the latest release at


The source code of ezdxf can be found at GitHub, target your pull requests to the master branch:


Questions and feedback at GitHub Discussions:

Questions at Stack Overflow:

Post questions at stack overflow and use the tag dxf or ezdxf.

Issue tracker at GitHub:


Please always post questions at the forum or stack overflow to make answers available to other users as well.

Feedback is greatly appreciated.



Version 0.15.1 - 2021-01-15

  • NEW: Spline.audit() audit support for the SPLINE entity
  • NEW: The recover module tolerates malformed group codes and value tags.
  • Changed the Matrix44.matrix attribute in the Python implementation to a "private" attribute Matrix44._matrix, because this attribute is not available in the Cython implementation
  • BUGFIX: proxy graphic decoding error on big-endian systems
  • BUGFIX: invalid vertex subscript access in dxf2code add-on
  • BUGFIX: cubic_bezier_from_ellipse() recognizes full ellipses
  • BUGFIX: cubic_bezier_from_arc() recognizes full circles
  • BUGFIX: pickle support for C-extensions Vec2, Vec3, Matrix44 and Bezier4P
  • BUGFIX: attribute error when exporting matrices in the MATERIAL entity

Version 0.15 - 2020-12-30

  • Release notes:
  • NEW: linetype support for matplotlib- and pyqt drawing backend
  • NEW: HATCH island support for matplotlib- and pyqt drawing backend
  • NEW: basic HATCH pattern support for matplotlib- and pyqt drawing backend
  • NEW: Font support for matplotlib- and pyqt drawing backend
  • NEW: POINT mode support for matplotlib- and pyqt drawing backend, relative point size is not supported
  • NEW: Proxy graphic support for the drawing add-on
  • NEW: recover misplaced tags of the AcDbEntity subclass (color, layer, linetype, ...), supported by all loading modes
  • NEW: ezdxf.addons.geo module, support for the __geo_interface__, see docs and tutorial
  • NEW: GeoData.setup_local_grid() setup geo data for CRS similar to EPSG:3395 World Mercator
  • NEW: MLINE support but without line break and fill break (gaps) features
  • NEW: Bezier.flattening() adaptive recursive flattening (approximation)
  • NEW: Bezier4P.flattening() adaptive recursive flattening (approximation)
  • NEW: Path.flattening() adaptive recursive flattening (approximation)
  • NEW: Circle.flattening() approximation determined by a max. sagitta value
  • NEW: Arc.flattening() approximation determined by a max. sagitta value
  • NEW: ConstructionArc.flattening() approximation determined by a max. sagitta value
  • NEW: ezdxf.math.distance_point_line_3d()
  • NEW: ConstructionEllipse.flattening() adaptive recursive flattening (approximation)
  • NEW: Ellipse.flattening() adaptive recursive flattening (approximation)
  • NEW: BSpline.flattening() adaptive recursive flattening (approximation)
  • NEW: Spline.flattening() adaptive recursive flattening (approximation)
  • NEW: matplotlib.qsave(), ltype argument to switch between matplotlib dpi based linetype rendering and AutoCAD like drawing units based linetype rendering
  • NEW: Solid.vertices() returns OCS vertices in correct order (also Trace)
  • NEW: Solid.wcs_vertices() returns WCS vertices in correct order (also Trace)
  • NEW: Face3D.wcs_vertices() compatibility interface to SOLID and TRACE
  • NEW: Hatch.paths.external_paths() returns iterable of external boundary paths
  • NEW: Hatch.paths.outermost_paths() returns iterable of outer most boundary paths
  • NEW: Hatch.paths.default_paths() returns iterable of default boundary paths
  • NEW: Hatch.paths.rendering_paths() returns iterable of paths to process for rendering
  • NEW: Drawing.units property to get/set document/modelspace units
  • NEW: argument units to setup document and modelspace units and $MEASUREMENT setting and the linetype setup is based on this $MEASUREMENT setting.
  • NEW: pattern.load(measurement, factor) load scaled hatch pattern
  • NEW: Path.from_hatch_boundary_path()
  • NEW: odafc.export_dwg() new replace option to delete existing DWG files
  • NEW Style table entry supports extended font data
  • NEW: Point.virtual_entities(), yield POINT entities as DXF primitives
  • NEW: ezdxf.render.point, support module for Point.virtual_entities()
  • NEW: Optional Cython implementation of some low level math classes: Vec2, Vec3, Matrix44, Bezier4P
  • NEW: support for complex linetypes for the Importer add-on
  • CHANGE: Optimized infrastructure for loading DXF attributes
  • CHANGE: Hatch.set_pattern_fill() uses HEADER variable $MEASUREMENT to determine the default scaling of predefined hatch pattern.
  • CHANGE: fix invalid linetype setup - new linetype scaling like common CAD applications
  • CHANGE: ezdxf.colors module will consolidate all color/transparency related features
  • CHANGE: renamed ezdxf.math.Vector to Vec3, but Vector remains as synonym
  • DEPRECATED: module replaced by ezdxf.colors
  • REMOVED: deprecated DXFEntity.transform_to_wcs() interface, use DXFEntity.transform(ucs.matrix)
  • REMOVED: deprecated Hatch.edit_boundary() context manager, use Hatch.paths attribute
  • REMOVED: deprecated Hatch.get_gradient() method, use Hatch.gradient attribute
  • REMOVED: deprecated Hatch.edit_gradient() context manager, use Hatch.gradient attribute
  • REMOVED: deprecated Hatch.edit_pattern() context manager, use Hatch.pattern attribute
  • REMOVED: deprecated Hatch.get_seed_points() method, use Hatch.seeds attribute
  • REMOVED: unnecessary argument non_uniform_scaling from Insert.explode()
  • REMOVED: unnecessary argument non_uniform_scaling from Insert.virtual_entities()
  • REMOVED: deprecated Spline.edit_data() context manager, use fit_points, control_points, knots and weights attributes
  • BUGFIX: ezdxf.math.has_clockwise_orientation() returns True for counter-clock wise and vice versa
  • BUGFIX: default color for HATCH is 256 (by layer)
  • BUGFIX: fixed broken complex linetype setup
  • BUGFIX: validate loaded handle seed

Version 0.14.2 - 2020-10-18

Version 0.14.1 - 2020-09-19

  • Release notes:
  • BUGFIX: MLEADER and MLEADERSTYLE min DXF version changed to R2000
  • BUGFIX: AutoCAD ignores not existing default objects in ACDBDICTIONARYWDFLT and so ezdxf have to. Auditor() creates a place holder object as default value.

Version 0.14 - 2020-09-12

  • Release notes:
  • NEW: DXF attribute setter validation, some special and undocumented Autodesk table names may raise ValueError() exceptions, please report this table names (layers, linetypes, styles, ...). DXF unicode notation "\U+xxxx" raises a ValueError() if used as resource names like layer name or text style names, such files can only be loaded by the new recover module.
  • NEW: ezdxf.recover module to load DXF Documents with structural flaws, see docs
  • NEW: All DXF loading functions accept an unicode decoding error handler: "surrogateescape", "ignore" or "strict", see docs of the recover module for more information.
  • NEW: addons.drawing.Frontend() supports width attributes of LWPOLYLINE and 2D POLYLINE entities
  • NEW: TraceBuilder() a render tool to generate quadrilaterals (TRACE, SOLID or 3DFACE), from LWPOLYLINE or 2D POLYLINE with width information, see docs
  • NEW: Path() a render tool for paths build of lines and cubic Bezier curves, used for faster rendering of LWPOLYLINE, POLYLINE and SPLINE entities for render back-ends, see docs
  • NEW: drawing.matplotlib.qsave() function, a simplified matplotlib export interface
  • NEW: Arc.construction_tool() returns the 2D ConstructionArc()
  • NEW: Arc.apply_construction_tool() apply parameters from ConstructionArc()
  • NEW: Leader.virtual_entities() yields 'virtual' DXF primitives
  • NEW: Leader.explode() explode LEADER as DXF primitives into target layout
  • NEW: LWPolyline.has_width property is True if any width attribute is set
  • NEW: Polyline.has_width property is True if any width attribute is set
  • NEW: Polyline.audit() extended verify and repair support
  • NEW: Polyline.append_formatted_vertices(), support for user defined point format
  • NEW: DXFVertex.format() support for user defined point format
  • NEW: Drawing.blocks.purge() delete all unused blocks but protect modelspace- and paperspace layouts, special arrow blocks and DIMENSION and ACAD_TABLE blocks in use, but see also warning in the docs
  • NEW: Insert.explode() support for MINSERT (multi insert)
  • NEW: Insert.virtual_entities() support for MINSERT (multi insert)
  • NEW: Insert.mcount property returns multi insert count
  • NEW: Insert.multi_insert() yields a virtual INSERT entity for each grid element of a MINSERT entity
  • NEW: Layout.add_wipeout() interface to create WIPEOUT entities
  • NEW: Image.boundary_path_wcs(), returns boundary path in WCS coordinates
  • NEW: Wipeout.boundary_path_wcs(), returns boundary path in WCS coordinates
  • NEW: Wipeout.set_masking_area()
  • NEW: BSpline.is_clamped property is True for a clamped (open) B-spline
  • NEW: UCS.transform() general transformation interface
  • NEW: Bezier4P.transform() general transformation interface
  • NEW: Bezier4P.reverse() returns object with reversed control point order
  • NEW: Bezier.transform() general transformation interface
  • NEW: Bezier.reverse() returns object with reversed control point order
  • NEW: has_clockwise_orientation(vertices) returns True if the closed polygon of 2D vertices has clockwise orientation
  • NEW: DXFEntity.new_extension_dict(), create explicit a new extension dictionary
  • NEW: ezdxf.reorder, support module to implement modified entities redraw order
  • NEW: get DXF test file path from environment variable EZDXF_TEST_FILES, imported automatically as ezdxf.EZDXF_TEST_FILES
  • NEW: arc_chord_length() and arc_segment_count() tool functions in ezdxf.math
  • NEW: Drawing.encode() to encode unicode strings with correct encoding and error handler
  • NEW: ezdxf.has_dxf_unicode() to detect "\U+xxxx" encoded chars
  • NEW: ezdxf.decode_dxf_unicode() to decode strings containing
    "\U+xxxx" encoded chars, the new recover module decodes such strings automatically.
  • CHANGE: DXFEntity.get_extension_dict(), raises AttributeError if entity has no extension dictionary
  • CHANGE: DXFEntity.has_extension_dict is now a property not a method
  • CHANGE: linspace() uses Decimal() for precise calculations, but still returns an iterable of float
  • CHANGE: Drawing.blocks.delete_all_blocks(), unsafe mode is disabled and argument safe is deprecated, will be removed in v0.16
  • CHANGE: Dictionary raise DXFValueError for adding invalid handles
  • CHANGE: BaseLayout.add_entity() will bind entity automatically to doc/db if possible
  • CHANGE: handle all layout names as case insensitive strings: Model == MODEL
  • REMOVE: option.check_entity_tag_structure, entity check is done only in recover mode
  • REMOVE: legacy_mode in and ezdxf.readfile(), use the ezdxf.recover module to load DXF Documents with structural flaws
  • REMOVE: Alias DXFEntity.drawing use DXFEntity.doc
  • REMOVE: DXFEntity.entitydb
  • REMOVE: DXFEntity.dxffactory
  • REMOVE: DXFInvalidLayerName, replaced by DXFValueError
  • REMOVE: Image.get_boundary_path(), replaced by property Image.boundary_path
  • REMOVE: Image.get_image_def(), replaced by property Image.image_def
  • REMOVE: filter_stack argument in and ezdxf.readfile()
  • BUGFIX: Set non-constant-attribs flag (2) in BLOCK at DXF export if non constant ATTDEF entities are present.
  • BUGFIX: DXF R2018 - HATCH extrusion vector (210) is mandatory?
  • BUGFIX: Layout names are case insensitive; "MODEL" == "Model"
  • BUGFIX: Using "surrogateescape" error handler to preserve binary data in ASCII DXF files. Prior versions of ezdxf corrupted this data by using the "ignore" error handler; Example file with binary data in XRECORD is not valid for TrueView 2020 - so binary data is maybe not allowed.

Version 0.13.1 - 2020-07-18

Version 0.13 - 2020-07-04

  • Release notes:
  • NEW: general transformation interface: DXFGraphic.transform(m), transform entity by a transformation matrix m inplace
  • NEW: specialized entity transformation interfaces:
    • DXFGraphic.translate(dx, dy, dz)
    • DXFGraphic.scale(sx, sy, sz)
    • DXFGraphic.scale_uniform(s)
    • DXFGraphic.rotate_axis(axis, angle)
    • DXFGraphic.rotate_x(angle)
    • DXFGraphic.rotate_y(angle)
    • DXFGraphic.rotate_z(angle)
  • NEW: drawing add-on by Matt Broadway is a translation layer to send DXF data to a render backend, supported backends for now: matplotlib and PyQt5, both packages are optional and not required to install ezdxf.
  • NEW: DXFGraphic.unlink_from_layout() to unlink entity from associated layout
  • NEW: Arc.angles(num), yields num angles from start- to end angle in counter clockwise order
  • NEW: Circle.to_ellipse(), convert CIRCLE/ARC to ELLIPSE entity
  • NEW: Circle.to_spline(), convert CIRCLE/ARC to SPLINE entity
  • NEW: Ellipse.params(num), yields num params from start- to end param in counter clockwise order
  • NEW: Ellipse.construction_tool(), return ellipse data as ConstructionEllipse()
  • NEW: Ellipse.apply_construction_tool(), apply ConstructionEllipse() data
  • NEW: Ellipse.to_spline(), convert ELLIPSE to SPLINE entity
  • NEW: Ellipse.from_arc(), create a new ELLIPSE entity from CIRCLE or ARC entity (constructor)
  • NEW: Spline.construction_tool(), return spline data as ezdxf.math.BSpline()
  • NEW: Spline.apply_construction_tool(), apply ezdxf.math.BSpline() data
  • NEW: Spline.from_arc(), create a new SPLINE entity from CIRCLE, ARC or ELLIPSE entity (constructor)
  • NEW: Hatch.set_pattern_scale() to set scaling of pattern definition
  • NEW: Hatch.set_pattern_angle() to set rotation angle of pattern definition
  • NEW: Hatch.paths.polyline_to_edge_path() convert polyline paths with bulge values to edge paths with lines and arcs
  • NEW: Hatch.paths.arc_edges_to_ellipse_edges() convert arc edges to ellipse edges
  • NEW: Hatch.paths.ellipse_edges_to_spline_edges() convert ellipse edges to spline edges
  • NEW: Hatch.paths.all_to_spline_edges() convert all curves to approximated spline edges
  • NEW: Hatch.paths.all_to_line_edges() convert all curves to approximated line edges
  • NEW: Text.plain_text() returns text content without formatting codes
  • NEW: ezdxf.math.ConstructionEllipse()
  • NEW: ezdxf.math.linspace() like numpy.linspace()
  • NEW: ezdxf.math.global_bspline_interpolation() supports start- and end tangent constraints
  • NEW: ezdxf.math.estimate_tangents() curve tangent estimator for given fit points
  • NEW: ezdxf.math.estimate_end_tangent_magnitude() curve end tangent magnitude estimator for given fit points
  • NEW: ezdxf.math.rational_spline_from_arc() returns a rational B-spline for a circular arc
  • NEW: ezdxf.math.rational_spline_from_ellipse() returns a rational B-spline for an elliptic arc
  • NEW: ezdxf.math.local_cubic_bspline_interpolation()
  • NEW: ezdxf.math.cubic_bezier_from_arc() returns an approximation for a circular 2D arc by multiple cubic Bezier curves
  • NEW: ezdxf.math.cubic_bezier_from_ellipse() returns an approximation for an elliptic arc by multiple cubic Bezier curves
  • NEW: ezdxf.math.cubic_bezier_interpolation() returns an interpolation curve for arbitrary data points as multiple cubic Bezier curves
  • NEW: ezdxf.math.LUDecomposition linear equation solver, for more linear algebra tools see module ezdxf.math.linalg
  • NEW: ezdxf.render.random_2d_path() generate random 2D path for testing purpose
  • NEW: ezdxf.render.random_3d_path() generate random 3D path for testing purpose
  • NEW: BSpline() uses normalized knot vector for 'clamped' curves by default (open uniform knots)
  • NEW: BSpline.points() compute multiple points
  • NEW: BSpline.derivative() compute point and derivative up to n <= degree
  • NEW: BSpline.derivatives() compute multiple points and derivatives up to n <= degree
  • NEW: BSpline.params() return evenly spaced B-spline params from start- to end param
  • NEW: BSpline.reverse() returns a new reversed B-spline
  • NEW: BSpline.from_arc() B-spline from an arc, best approximation with a minimum number of control points
  • NEW: BSpline.from_ellipse() B-spline from an ellipse, best approximation with a minimum number of control points
  • NEW: BSpline.from_fit_points() B-spline from fit points
  • NEW: BSpline.arc_approximation() B-spline approximation from arc vertices as fit points
  • NEW: BSpline.ellipse_approximation() B-spline approximation from ellipse vertices as fit points
  • NEW: BSpline.transform() transform B-spline by transformation matrix inplace
  • NEW: BSpline.transform() transform B-spline by transformation matrix inplace
  • NEW: BSpline.to_nurbs_python_curve() and BSpline.from_nurbs_python_curve(), interface to NURBS-Python, NURBS-Python is now a testing dependency
  • NEW: BSpline.bezier_decomposition() decompose a non-rational B-spline into multiple Bezier curves
  • NEW: BSpline.cubic_bezier_approximation() approximate any B-spline by multiple cubic Bezier curves
  • NEW: Bezier.points() compute multiple points
  • NEW: Bezier.derivative() compute point, 1st and 2nd derivative for one parameter
  • NEW: Bezier.derivatives() compute point and derivative for multiple parameters
  • CHANGE: Hatch full support for rotated patterns.
  • CHANGE: Hatch.set_pattern_definition() added argument angle for pattern rotation.
  • CHANGE: Hatch.path.add_arc renamed argument is_counter_clockwise to ccw, type bool and True by default
  • CHANGE: Hatch.path.add_ellipse renamed argument is_counter_clockwise to ccw, type bool and True by default
  • CHANGE: renamed 2D ConstructionXXX.move() methods to translate()
  • CHANGE: renamed old Insert.scale() to Insert.set_scale(), name conflict with transformation interface
  • CHANGE: renamed Spline.set_periodic() to Spline.set_closed()
  • CHANGE: renamed Spline.set_periodic_rational() to Spline.set_closed_rational()
  • CHANGE: renamed ezdxf.math.bspline_control_frame() to ezdxf.math.global_bspline_interpolation()
  • REMOVED: ezdxf.math.Matrix33 class, UCS and OCS uses Matrix44for transformations
  • REMOVED: ezdxf.math.BRCS class and Insert.brcs()
  • REMOVED: ezdxf.math.ConstructionTool base class
  • REMOVED: ezdxf.math.normalize_angle(angle), replace call by expression: angle % math.tau
  • REMOVED: ezdxf.math.DBSpline, integrated as BSpline.derivatives()
  • REMOVED: ezdxf.math.DBSplineU, integrated as BSplineU.derivatives()
  • REMOVED: ezdxf.math.DBSplineClosed, integrated as BSplineClosed.derivatives()
  • REMOVED: ezdxf.math.DBezier, integrated as Bezier.derivatives()
  • REMOVED: BaseLayout.add_spline_approx(), incorrect and nobody noticed it - so it's not really needed, if required use the geomdl.fitting.approximate_curve() function from the package NURBS-Python, see example
  • REMOVED: ezdxf.math.bspline_control_frame_approx(), incorrect and nobody noticed it - so it's not really needed
  • DEPRECATED: DXFGraphic.transform_to_wcs(ucs), replace call by DXFGraphic.transform(ucs.matrix)
  • DEPRECATED: non_uniform_scaling argument for Insert.explode()
  • DEPRECATED: non_uniform_scaling argument for Insert.virtual_entities()
  • DEPRECATED: getter and edit methods in Hatch for attributes paths, gradient, pattern and seeds
  • DEPRECATED: Spline.edit_data() all attributes accessible by properties
  • BUGFIX: ezdxf.math.intersection_ray_ray_3d()
  • BUGFIX: Spline.set_periodic() created invalid data for BricsCAD - misleading information by Autodesk

Version 0.12.5 - 2020-06-05

  • BUGFIX: DXF export error for hatches with rational spline edges

Version 0.12.4 - 2020-05-22

  • BUGFIX: structure validator for XRECORD

Version 0.12.3 - 2020-05-16

  • BUGFIX: DXF R2010+ requires zero length tag 97 for HATCH/SplineEdge if no fit points exist (vshu3000)
  • BUGFIX: Export order of XDATA and embedded objects (vshu3000)
  • BUGFIX: ATTRIB and ATTDEF did not load basic DXF attributes
  • NEW: BlockLayout() properties can_explode and scale_uniformly
  • NEW: Hatch.remove_association()

Version 0.12.2 - 2020-05-03

  • BUGFIX: XData.get() now raises DXFValueError for not existing appids, like all other methods of the XData() class
  • BUGFIX: Layer.description returns an empty string for unknown XDATA structure in AcAecLayerStandard
  • BUGFIX: Initialize/Load Hatch edge coordinates as Vec2() objects
  • BUGFIX: typo in 3 point angular dimension subclass marker (vshu3000)
  • BUGFIX: HATCH/SplineEdge did export length tag 97 if no fit points exist, creates invalid DXF for AutoCAD/BricsCAD (vshu3000)
  • BUGFIX: Ellipse handling in virtual_block_reference_entities() (Matt Broadway)

Version 0.12.1 - 2020-04-25

  • BUGFIX: fixed uniform scaled ellipse handling in explode.virtual_block_reference_entities()
  • BUGFIX: fixed crash caused by floating point inaccuracy in Vector.angle_between() (Matt Broadway)
  • BUGFIX: fixed crash for axis transformation of nearly perpendicular ellipse axis
  • BUGFIX: fixed Hatch.has_critical_elements()

Version 0.12 - 2020-04-12

  • Release notes:
  • NEW: Insert.block() returns associated BlockLayout() or None if block not exist or is an XREF
  • NEW: Insert.has_scaling returns True if any axis scaling is applied
  • NEW: Insert.has_uniform_scaling returns True if scaling is uniform in x-, y- and z-axis.
  • NEW: Insert.scale(factor) set uniform scaling.
  • NEW: Insert.virtual_entities() yields 'virtual' entities of a block reference (experimental)
  • NEW: Insert.explode() explode block reference entities into target layout (experimental)
  • NEW: Insert.add_auto_attribs() add ATTRIB entities defined as ATTDEF in the block layout and fill tags with values defined by a dict (experimental)
  • NEW: LWPolyline.virtual_entities() yields 'virtual' LINE and ARC entities
  • NEW: LWPolyline.explode() explode LWPOLYLINE as LINE and ARC entities into target layout
  • NEW: Polyline.virtual_entities() yields 'virtual' LINE, ARC or 3DFACE entities
  • NEW: Polyline.explode() explode POLYLINE as LINE, ARC or 3DFACE entities into target layout
  • NEW: Dimension.virtual_entities() yields 'virtual' DXF entities
  • NEW: Dimension.explode() explode DIMENSION as basic DXF entities into target layout
  • NEW: Dimension.transform_to_wcs() support for UCS based entity transformation
  • NEW: Dimension.override() returns DimStyleOverride() object
  • NEW: Dimension.render() render graphical representation as anonymous block
  • NEW: Block() properties is_anonymous, is_xref and is_xref_overlay
  • NEW: R12FastStreamWriter.add_polyline_2d(), add 2D POLYLINE with start width, end width and bulge value support
  • NEW: Ellipse.minor_axis property returns minor axis as Vector
  • NEW: Option ezdxf.options.write_fixed_meta_data_for_testing, writes always same timestamps and GUID
  • NEW: Support for loading and exporting proxy graphic encoded as binary data, by default disabled
  • NEW: ezdxf.proxygraphic.ProxyGraphic() class to examine binary encoded proxy graphic (Need more example data for testing!)
  • NEW: Get/set hyperlink for graphic entities
  • NEW: odafc add-on to use an installed ODA File Converter for reading and writing DWG files
  • NEW: Support for reading and writing Binary DXF files
  • NEW: Binary DXF support for r12writer add-on
  • CHANGE: R12FastStreamWriter.add_polyline(), add 3D POLYLINE only, closed flag support
  • CHANGE: renamed Insert.ucs() to Insert.brcs() which now returns a BRCS() object
  • CHANGE: Polyline.close(), Polyline.m_close() and Polyline.n_close() can set and clear closed state.
  • BUGFIX: Dimension.destroy() should not not destroy associated anonymous block, because if DIMENSION is used in a block, the anonymous block may be used by several block references
  • BUGFIX: floating point precision error in intersection_line_line_2d()
  • BUGFIX: attribute error in Polyline.transform_to_wcs() for 2d polylines
  • BUGFIX: LWPOLYLINE was always exported with const_width=0
  • BUGFIX: Face3d.set_edge_visibility() set inverted state (visible <-> invisible)
  • BUGFIX: Load AcDbEntity group codes from base class

Version 0.11.2 - 2020-04-03

  • BUGFIX: upgrade error from DXF R13/14 to R2000

Version 0.11.1 - 2020-02-29

  • NEW: Meshbuilder.from_polyface() to interface to POLYFACE and POLYMESH
  • NEW: Meshbuilder.render_polyface() create POLYFACE objects
  • NEW: MeshAverageVertexMerger() an extended version of MeshVertexMerger(), location of merged vertices is the average location of all vertices with the same key
  • NEW: ezdxf.addons.iterdxf iterate over modelspace entities of really big DXF files (>1 GB) without loading them into memory
  • NEW: ezdxf.addons.r12writer supports POLYFACE and POLYMESH entities
  • NEW: Layout.add_foreign_entity() copy/move simple entities from another DXF document or add unassigned DXF entities to a layout
  • NEW: MText.plain_text() returns text content without formatting codes
  • CHANGE: refactor Auditor() into a DXF document fixer, fixes will be applied automatically (work in progress)
  • CHANGE: moved r12writer into addons subpackage
  • CHANGE: moved acadctb into addons subpackage

Version 0.11 - 2020-02-15

  • Release notes:
  • Using standard git branches:
    • master: development state
    • stable: latest stable release
  • Requires Python 3.6
  • NEW: Dimension.get_measurement() supports angular, angular3p and ordinate dimensions
  • NEW: Layout.add_radius_dim() implemented
  • NEW: shortcut calls Layout.add_radius_dim_2p() and Layout.add_radius_dim_cra()
  • NEW: Layout.add_diameter_dim() implemented
  • NEW: shortcut Layout.add_diameter_dim_2p()
  • NEW: Circle.vertices(angles) yields vertices for iterable angles in WCS
  • NEW: Ellipse.vertices(params) yields vertices for iterable params in WCS
  • NEW: Arc properties start_point and end_point returns start- and end point of arc in WCS
  • NEW: Ellipse properties start_point and end_point returns start- and end point of ellipse in WCS
  • NEW: user defined point format support for 2d POLYLINE entities: add_polyline2d([(1, 2, 0.5), (3, 4, 0)], format='xyb')
  • NEW: Polyline.append_formatted_points() with user defined point format support
  • NEW: Drawing.set_modelspace_vport(height, center) set initial view/zoom location for the modelspace
  • NEW: support for associating HATCH boundary paths to geometry entities
  • NEW: Drawing.output_encoding returns required output encoding
  • NEW: User Coordinate System (UCS) based entity transformation, allows to work with UCS coordinates, which are simpler if the UCS is chosen wisely, and transform them later into WCS coordinates. Entities which have a transform_to_wcs(ucs) method, automatically take advantage of the new UCS transformation methods, but not all entity types are supported, embedded ACIS entities like 3DSOLID, REGION, SURFACE and so on, do not expose their geometry.
  • NEW: UCS.rotate(axis, angle) returns a new UCS rotated around WCS vector axis
  • NEW: UCS.rotate_local_x(angle) returns a new UCS rotated around local x-axis
  • NEW: UCS.rotate_local_y(angle) returns a new UCS rotated around local y-axis
  • NEW: UCS.rotate_local_z(angle) returns a new UCS rotated around local z-axis
  • NEW: UCS.copy() returns a new copy of UCS
  • NEW: UCS.shift(delta) shifts UCS inplace by vector delta
  • NEW: UCS.moveto(location) set new UCS origin to location inplace
  • NEW: size and center properties for bounding box classes
  • NEW: Insert.ucs() returns an UCS placed in block reference insert location, UCS axis aligned to the block axis.
  • NEW: Insert.reset_transformation() reset block reference location, rotation and extrusion vector.
  • CHANGE: renamed ezdxf.math.left_of_line to ezdxf.math.is_point_left_of_line
  • NEW: ezdxf.math.point_to_line_relation() 2D function returns -1 for left oft line, +1 for right oif line , 0 on the line
  • NEW: ezdxf.math.is_point_on_line_2d() test if 2D point is on 2D line
  • NEW: ezdxf.math.distance_point_line_2d() distance of 2D point from 2D line
  • NEW: ezdxf.math.is_point_in_polygon_2d() test if 2D point is inside of a 2D polygon
  • NEW: ezdxf.math.intersection_line_line_2d() calculate intersection for 2D lines
  • NEW: ezdxf.math.offset_vertices_2d() calculate 2D offset vertices for a 2D polygon
  • NEW: ezdxf.math.normal_vector_3p() returns normal vector for 3 points
  • NEW: ezdxf.math.is_planar_face() test if 3D face is planar
  • NEW: ezdxf.math.subdivide_face() linear subdivision for 2D/3D faces/polygons
  • NEW: ezdxf.math.intersection_ray_ray_3d() calculate intersection for 3D rays
  • NEW: ezdxf.math.Plane() 3D plane construction tool
  • NEW: ezdxf.render.MeshTransformer() inplace mesh transformation class, subclass of MeshBuilder()
  • NEW: MeshBuilder.render() added UCS support
  • NEW: MeshBuilder.render_normals() render face normals as LINE entities, useful to check face orientation
  • NEW: ezdxf.render.forms.cone_2p() create 3D cone mesh from two points
  • NEW: ezdxf.render.forms.cylinder_2p() create 3D cylinder mesh from two points
  • NEW: ezdxf.render.forms.sphere() create 3D sphere mesh
  • NEW: pycsg add-on, a simple Constructive Solid Geometry (CSG) kernel created by Evan Wallace (Javascript) and Tim Knip (Python)
  • CHANGE: Changed predefined pattern scaling to BricsCAD and AutoCAD standard, set global option ezdxf.options.use_old_predefined_pattern_scaling to True, to use the old pattern scaling before v0.11
  • CHANGE: removed ezdxf.PATTERN constant, use PATTERN = ezdxf.pattern.load() instead, set argument old_pattern=True to use the old pattern scaling before v0.11
  • CHANGE: Table.key() accepts only strings, therefore tables check in accepts also only strings like
  • NEW: load DXF comments from file (ezdxf.comments.from_file) or stream (ezdxf.comments.from_stream)
  • BUGFIX: fixed incorrect HATCH pattern scaling
  • BUGFIX: fixed base point calculation of aligned dimensions
  • BUGFIX: fixed length extension line support for linear dimensions
  • BUGFIX: UCS.to_ocs_angle_deg() and UCS.to_ocs_angle_rad()
  • BUGFIX: check for unsupported DXF versions at new()
  • BUGFIX: fixed dxf2src error for the HATCH entity
  • BUGFIX: is_point_left_of_line() algorithm was incorrect
  • BUGFIX: default dimtxsty is Standard if options.default_dimension_text_style is not defined
  • BUGFIX: default arrows for minimal defined dimstyles are closed filled arrows
  • BUGFIX: use Standard as default for undefined dimension styles, e.g. EZDXF without setup

Version 0.10.4 - 2020-01-31

  • BUGFIX: height group code (40) for TEXT, ATTRIB and ATTDEF is mandatory

Version 0.10.3 - 2020-01-29

  • BUGFIX: min DXF version for VISUALSTYLE object is R2000

Version 0.10.2 - 2019-10-05

  • NEW: Dimension.get_measurement() returns the actual dimension measurement in WCS units, no scaling applied; angular and ordinate dimension are not supported yet.
  • BUGFIX: ordinate dimension exports wrong feature location
  • BUGFIX: Hatch.set_pattern_fill() did not set pattern scale, angle and double values

Version 0.10.1 - 2019-09-07

  • BUGFIX: group code for header var $ACADMAINTVER is 90 for DXF R2018+ and 70 for previous DXF versions. This is a critical bug because AutoCAD 2012/2013 (and possibly earlier versions) will not open DXF files with the new group code 90 for header variable $ACADMAINTVER.

Version 0.10 - 2019-09-01

  • Release notes:
  • unified entity system for all DXF versions
  • saving as later DXF version than the source DXF version is possible, but maybe data loss if saving as an older DXF version than source DXF version (ezdxf is not a DXF converter)
  • templates no more needed and removed from package
  • CHANGE: DXFEntity
    • renamed DXFEntity.drawing to DXFEntity.doc
    • DXFEntity.get_xdata() keyword xdata_tag renamed to tags
    • DXFEntity.set_xdata() keyword xdata_tag renamed to tags
    • renamed DXFEntity.remove_reactor_handle() renamed to DXFEntity.discard_reactor_handle()
    • DXFEntity.get_extension_dict() returns ExtensionDict object instead of the raw DICTIONARY object
    • renamed DXFEntity.supports_dxf_attrib() to DXFEntity.is_supported_dxf_attrib()
    • renamed DXFEntity.dxf_attrib_exists() to DXFEntity.has_dxf_attrib()
  • CHANGE: Layer entity
    • removed Layer.dxf.line_weight as synonym for Layer.dxf.lineweight
    • renamed Layer.dxf.plot_style_name to Layer.dxf.plotstyle_handle
    • renamed Layer.dxf.material to Layer.dxf.material_handle
  • CHANGE: same treatment of Viewport entity for all DXF versions
  • CHANGE: Polyline.vertices() is now an attribute Polyline.vertices, implemented as regular Python list.
  • CHANGE: Insert.attribs() is now an attribute Insert.attribs, implemented as regular Python list.
  • CHANGE: renamed Viewport.dxf.center_point to
  • CHANGE: renamed Viewport.dxf.target_point to
  • CHANGE: direct access to hatch paths (Hatch.paths), pattern (Hatch.pattern) and gradient (Hatch.gradient), context manager to edit this data is not needed anymore, but still available for backward compatibility
  • CHANGE: Options
    • removed template_dir, no more needed
    • new log_unprocessed_tags to log unprocessed (unknown) DXF tags
  • CHANGE: Dimension() removes associated anonymous dimension block at deletion
  • CHANGE: safe block deletion protects not explicit referenced blocks like anonymous dimension blocks and arrow blocks
  • CHANGE: Importer add-on rewritten, API incompatible to previous ezdxf versions, but previous implementation was already broken
  • CHANGE: moved add_attdef() to generic layout interface, adding ATTDEF to model- and paperspace is possible
  • CHANGE: entity query - exclude DXF types from '*' search, by appending type name with a preceding '!' e.g. query for all entities except LINE = "* !LINE"
  • CHANGE: entity query - removed regular expression support for type name match
  • CHANGE: integration of MTextData methods into MText
  • CHANGE: removed edit_data, get_text, set_text methods from MText
  • restructured package, module and test file organization
  • NEW: support for Layer.dxf.true_color and Layer.dxf.transparency attributes (DXF R2004+, undocumented)
  • NEW: Layer.rgb, Layer.color, Layer.description and Layer.transparency properties
  • NEW: renaming a Layer also renames references to this layer, but use with care
  • NEW: support for adding LEADER entities
  • NEW: Dimension.get_geometry_block(), returns the associated anonymous dimension block or None
  • NEW: EntityQuery() got first and last properties, to get first or last entity or None if query result is empty
  • NEW: added ngon(), star() and gear() to ezdxf.render.forms
  • NEW: Source code generator to create Python source code from DXF entities, to recreate this entities by ezdxf. This tool creates only simple structures as a useful starting point for parametric DXF entity creation from existing DXF files. Not all DXF entities are supported!
  • NEW: support for named plot style files (STB)
  • NEW: can open converted Gerber DXF files tagged as "Version 1.0, Gerber Technology."
  • BUGFIX: fixed MTEXT and GEODATA text splitting errors (do not split at '^')
  • BUGFIX: fixed some subclass errors, mostly DXF reference errors
  • BUGFIX: VERTEX entity inherit owner and linetype attribute from POLYLINE entity
  • BUGFIX: MTEXT - replacement of \n by \P at DXF export to avoid invalid DXF files.
  • tested with CPython 3.8
  • removed batch files (.bat) for testing, use tox command instead

Version 0.9 - 2019-02-24

  • Release notes:
  • IMPORTANT: Python 2 support REMOVED, if Python 2 support needed: add ezdxf<0.9 to your requirements.txt
  • NEW: testing on Manjaro Linux in a VM by tox
  • CHANGE: converted NEWS.rst to and README.rst to
  • CHANGE: moved Importer() from to ezdxf.addons - internal structures of modern DXF files are too complex and too undocumented to support importing data in a reliable way - using Importer() may corrupt your DXF files or just don't work!
  • NEW: type annotations to core package and add-ons.
  • NEW: argument setup in'R12', setup=True) to setup default line types, text styles and dimension styles, this feature is disabled by default.
  • NEW: Duplicate table entries: dwg.styles.duplicate_entry('OpenSans', new_name='OpenSansNew'), this works for all tables, but is intended to duplicate STYLES and DIMSTYLES.
  • CHANGED: replaced proprietary fonts in style declarations by open source fonts
  • NEW: open source fonts to download
  • OpenSansCondensed-Light font used for default dimension styles
  • NEW: subpackage ezdxf.render, because of DIMENSION rendering
  • NEW: support for AutoCAD standard arrows
  • NEW: support for creating linear DIMENSION entities
  • NEW: background color support for MTEXT
  • CHANGE: DXF template cleanup, removed non standard text styles, dimension styles, layers and blocks
  • CHANGE: text style STANDARD uses txt font
  • CHANGE: renamed subpackage ezdxf.algebra to ezdxf.math
  • CHANGE: moved addons.curves to render.curves
  • CHANGE: moved addons.mesh to render.mesh
  • CHANGE: moved addons.r12spline to render.r12spline
  • CHANGE: moved addons.forms to render.forms
  • CHANGE: renamed construction helper classes into Construction...()
    • Ray2D() renamed to ConstructionRay()
    • Circle() renamed to ConstructionCircle()
    • Arc() renamed to ConstructionArc()
  • NEW: construction tools ConstructionLine() and ConstructionBox()
  • REMOVED: almost_equal use math.isclose
  • REMOVED: almost_equal_points use ezdxf.math.is_close_points
  • BUGFIX: closed LWPOLYLINE did not work in AutoCAD (tag order matters), introduced with v0.8.9 packed data structure
  • BUGFIX: UCS.to_ocs_angle_deg() corrected

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