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An object based api for generating web presentations/slideshows

Project description

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An object based api for generating web presentations/slideshows

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What does ezprez do?

Let's you write simple python scripts to generate web presentations/slideshows

Features & Roadmap

Simple class based api

The api iteself uses native python classes to create presentations in a short script that's easily editable

No web experience needed

Since this is a pure python API you can write web presentations without knowing HTML

Backed on a reliable web framework

Webslides powers this project and is a well-tested and stable web framework.

Why should I use ezprez?

Ezprez is the simplest API for writing web presentations without needing explicit knowledge of web development. If you are looking to create powerpoint style presentations python-pptx or the google slides api is better suited for this job.

Who is ezprez for?

  • People who want an easy way to create web presentations without editing html
  • People who know python but not web development technologies


From PyPi

  1. Run pip install ezprez

From source

  1. Clone this repo: (put github/source code link here)
  2. Run pip install . or sudo pip3 install .in the root directory


For just plain text slides the easiest way to get started is just using the Slide and Presentation objects:

from ezprez.core import Slide, Presentation

# Create a slide object (don't need to assign it to a variable or anything it's added to presentation on instantiation)
Slide("This is the slide title", "this is some content")

# Setup the actual presentation settings
presentation_url = "" # The URL the presentation will be hosted at
prez = Presentation("This is the presentation title", "This is the presentation description", presentation_url)

# Export the presentation in the current directory at /Presentation
prez.export(".", folder_name="Presentation")

There will then be a folder called Presentation, and inside the index.html file will contain your presentation. Just put that up on a static hosting service and you're good to go.

Additional Documentation

User Docs

API Docs (I would recommend the user docs first)

Examples and resources

Template repository for bootstrapping projects

Example presentation: Live demo, Source Code


V0.1.1; December 17th 2020

Added some post-release improvements and bug fixes

Bug fixes

  • Fixed bug with SocialLink Component failing to link URL properly (all instances set to last value)
  • Fixed broken links on user documentation

V0.1.0; December 17th 2020

Initial Release of ezprez


  • Added Presentation class
  • Added Slide class
  • Added components
    • Added SocialLink
    • Added Code
    • Added Icon
    • Added Footer
    • Added Navbar
    • Added Button
    • Added Raw
    • Added TableOfContents
    • Added Video
    • Added Image
    • Added Grid

Documentation improvements

Project details

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